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Last week I lost a member of my extended family – Vincent J. Montemayor – to complications related to the West Nile virus (If your community has been put on alert for this virus, please take it seriously and follow all the precautions as closely as possible because death is a definite possibility).  While we were not related by blood, his sisters called me sister and his mother  introduces me as her daughter.

Needless to say his death came as a complete shock to everyone and he and his beautiful, ever present smile, ability to talk to and care for everyone that crossed his path will be greatly missed.

As I spent the last four days supporting and consoling his family (my extended family), a common theme began to emerge and it was about living in the moment.  Vince, although his life was cut short at 42, will be remembered for living in the moment, which many of us struggle to do.  He did what he wanted to do and lived life to the fullest – always finding a way to have fun along the way.

As my time with the family winded down, one of his sisters made a proclamation to begin to live life to its fullest and no longer post pone things that she’s always wanted to do and accomplish.  It’s unfortunate that sometimes it takes life altering events to lead to that lightbulb moment, but when they come, you should jump at the chance to take on a new, exciting challenge and see where the road leads. 🙂

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I personally have been on the living in the moment journey for the last year because I know that I’m a multi-tasker by nature, which has helped me tremendously in getting things done and accomplished in my career, but which at times keeps me from living in the moment in my personal life.  Thankfully though, now that I’m self aware I do try to live more in the moment, but I will confess that the multi-tasker in me does win out more often than I’d like, however I will not let up and continue to strive to live in the moment.

Are you living in the moment?  What suggestions do you have for a chronic multi-tasker trying to break into always living in the moment?

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