Living in the Present is The Ultimate Gift We Can Give Ourselves

So last week I shared how my life was just blah and how I was trying to find my way back to my true self and true happiness.  I’m happy to report that after listening, getting out of my own way and really taking in what a few Hay House World Summit experts were sharing, I’m well on my way back to what I’ve been striving for since I began this blog, which is living in the present, living in the moment.

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See, while I know that my true self and my true happiness lies in living in the present, my thoughts often try to keep me reliving my past and/or worrying about the future, instead of enjoying the life that is before me in the present.  It’s when I give in to this thinking that life becomes blah, as fear creeps in and the EGO takes over my inner self talk.  The EGO is a powerful thing and it feels familiar because it’s the perspective from which most of us live our lives subconsciously, but it’s not your friend.

On the other hand, choosing to live your life consciously is your friend because it’s all about bringing awareness to the place where it all truly happens, in the here and now. Unfortunately for us, our brain has an over developed thinking process, which is completely an amazing quality to have, but it can also be distractive. Why you ask?  Just think about it.  The only way we can bring up the past or future is through our thoughts, because the events have either come and gone or have not yet happened.

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Yes, let that marinate for a moment.

The past and future are always just thoughts, not truths, but thoughts….

Pretty mind blowing no?  

And yes, you heard that right – thoughts, not truths.  Why not truths?  Because everything that happened in your past is replayed in your head the way you perceived them. Much like a group of people witnessing an accident – the same accident – if you ask each one to describe what happened, you will get varying versions because each is based on their perspective.

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So, as I continue toward pushing those thoughts out of my head and push toward living in the present, appreciating and living in gratitude for all I have before me, there is no room for a life filled with fear.  There is only room for gratitude, happiness and joy for all I have.

So join me in stopping that negative thinking, negative inner self talk that says we need to beat ourselves up and judge ourselves for not being who we think we need to be.  Trust me, if you were living with or dating your thoughts and EGO, you would leave them in a second because of how negative they were toward you.

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So let go and choose to live in the present.

Trust me – as a multitasker living and working in the digital world – I realize that’s easier said than done, but when I consciously choose to just say STOP to all the craziness life can bring and the incessant noise swirling in my head, life is definitely sweeter. 

What past or future thoughts do you need to STOP to live in the present?

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16 thoughts on “Living in the Present is The Ultimate Gift We Can Give Ourselves

  1. One negative thought that has been creeping in lately has been my choice in bachelors degree. I’m thinking I should have majored in something different. But its done and I am just proud that I was able to put myself through school and complete it.
    Great post!

    1. Thanks Liz, but don’t let what you majored in bother you. What matters is that you have a degree. If you’re considering a career change look for a mentor in that field and for volunteer opportunities to get you in the door. My Bachelors is in History and I’ve been in mgmt, HR, training and now in all things digital. 😉 Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Good luck! And keep repeating this to yourself. All is well. Whatever I need comes to me. Everything is working out for my highest good. xoxo

  2. This is so true, we bother ourselves with so much thinking, worry and shame. Staying in the present and working toward our goals is way more productive and healthy. Keep it up, you know you can! 🙂

  3. Negative thoughts and fear is what sometimes make me feel unhappy or like I don’t even know where am I. But I choose to live just like my girls, in the today, enjoying little things. It’s hard, as adults we learn to live to the future but sometimes (most of the time) we just waste our present.
    Great read!
    Blanca D recently posted…Miércoles Mudo: árbol en el parque DetweillerMy Profile

  4. The present and the now because yesterday is just that ! I believe we are all guilty of the could’a,should’a but the more we surround ourselves with positive people and continue to live to be happy then it makes it all easier. Loving,Laughing and Living for TODAY ! Great read chica : ).


    1. Thanks for stopping by Josie and happy the positivity, live in the present feeling of this post hit home. It’s been a great reminder for me for sure! Have a great week.

  5. wow mija this is hitting home, this is what I have been dealing last four weeks, negative thinking ain’t no good many thanks for the inspiration I will share with my mother in law who has been in the hospital for the last four weeks and we are working hard with her to change her train of thought to a positive outlook. Positive thinking can make such a difference.
    Adriana Martin recently posted…Summer Grilling Party Menu #FlavorYourSummer #adMy Profile

    1. Si Adriana, unfortunately our life is filled with thoughts of what was and what could have been, instead of just appreciating the now. It’s a process for which we have to be ready to embrace so take it easy on your mother in law because she may not be ready to move toward positivity and light. it’s a journey which we all come to at our own time & that’s ok

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