The Perfect Low Cal Mango Margarita

I don’t know about you, but outside of the wonderful avocado, my next favorite pitted fruit is the mango.  The Ataulfo mango to be precise.  Sure you can just peel it and eat the yumminess right off the pit, but for a refreshing treat, I encourage you to try this mango trolebus (mango slushy)  Add in a splash of tequila and you have the perfect low cal mango margarita to wow your guests.

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I first encountered this yumminess during one of our usual weekend trips, across the border, into Mexico.  As we searched for a placed to enjoy some street tacos, we stumbled across a restaurant in the mercado, which was making trolebuses left and right.  They looked so inviting in the hot summer day, that we all ordered one and immediately got hooked.

Unfortunately times have changed, and we can no longer just cross the border whenever we want to enjoy this yummy treat.  So I’ve come up with my own home version which requires only 4 ingredients:

Mango Trolebus

  • mango
  • water
  • ice
  • and your favorite sweetener (mine is honey)

Traditional trolebuses take quite a bit of sugar to make them more slushy like, but since I’ve been on my clean eating mission, my trolebuses have gone the low-cal, clean eating route.  Here’s a quick look at how I make mine.

I generally start with at least 4 Ataulfo mangos, to make sure I get the mango taste through out.

I peel them, remove all the meat from the pit, and throw that into a blender.

Next I add in enough water to cover most of the mango, add in about 3 swirls of honey (add your favorite sweetener here), and then fill the blender almost to the top with ice.

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Now, all you have to do is turn your blender on ice crush mode and allow it to do the work, stirring with a spoon at the top (don’t push it down), to help make sure every single cube gets crushed.

And there you have it, your very own mango trolebus.

But wait, I promised you a low cal mango margarita right?  Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about that.

Low Cal Mango Margarita

All you have to do is salt your favorite margarita glass, pour in the trolebus, pour in a shot of tequila (or your favorite liquor) and stir.  Adding the shot on top and stirring it in allows for your slushy to de-slushyfied enough for you to be able to sip your margarita vs. needing a spoon like you do with the slushy.

Enjoy! Salud!

What’s your favorite summer drink?



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  1. Que rico! Voy a ensayarlo en casa; a mis hijos les encanta el mango!!! Me encanta tu label, que programa usas?

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