The Magik Theatre = Family Fun

If you live in San Antonio or have visited the San Antonio Area, chances are you’ve heard of and/or been to The Magik Theatre.  If you haven’t, you’re missing out because the Magik Theatre = family fun throughout the year.

The Magik Theatre = Family Fun -

Magik Theatre Productions

First of course, are the Magik Theatre productions.  I, along with my familia, have been lucky enough to see several productions brought to life on the Magik Theatre stage.  And we always leave with a smile on our face and a renewed love of the arts.  This weekend was no exception.

Mariachi Girl

This weekend we got to see Mariachi Girl, a moving, music filled bilingual production based on a book by Roxanne Schroeder-Arce. It highlights Carmencita’s struggle to understand her father’s objection to her dream of being a mariachi singer.

Mariachi Girl Stars -

Before the play even began, the mariachi scene was set by the Guadalupe Cultural Arts – Mariachi Azteca de America.  A mariachi band made up of students, and lead by Gino Rivera, who plays Carmencita’s father.  They performed several songs to get us in the mariachi spirit.  Then when the play began, we were greeted by vibrant original mariachi music, with music and lyrics by Héctor Martinez Morales, through out.

Mariachi Azteca de America at Magik Theatre -

From start to finish, Mariachi Girl does a great job of transporting you into Carmencita’s world. Her struggles, her dreams, and her changing family dynamic. It’s a wonderful story of how bi cultural experiences challenge family traditions, and open the door for change and new family ties. It’s definitely a story many of us can relate to, regardless of age or cultural background.  So if you’re looking for something fun to do as a family, I highly suggest you make it to Mariachi Girl.  It’s set to run through April 14, 2019 and you can grab your tickets here.

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Mariachi Girl Playbill -

If however, your kids get inspired to do more than just see a play, the Magik Theatre has you covered. They also offer educational experiences.

Magik Theatre Educational Experiences

It’s true.  Not only is the Magik Theatre’s mission to “nurture a love and understanding of theatre and literature by providing extraordinary, affordable, professional theatre”, but they also offer educational experiences.  On top of offering student field trips and free Educator Nights, the Magik Theatre offers year round classes & camps.  Yes, your budding artists can grow their craft via the Magik Performing Arts Academy. From Pre-k to teens, they have something to help your kids reach their dreams. They even offer their camps in both their downtown and northside locations to make it easier.

As you can see the Magik Theatre is jammed packed with year round family fun.  If you haven’t been in a while, it’s time to head back and check out a play and/or see which classes or camps makes sense for your kids.

Kids with Mariachi Girl Stars -

What family fun are you looking forward to from your next Magik Theatre experience?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, but I was provided entry passes.  Don’t worry though, all opinions about their fabulousness are my own!




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