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Who knew beginning the year battling a cold, would foreshadow my year so far, but it has.  I had been so proud of myself for having been able to stave off being sick and feeling the effects of my arthritis for a few years because I was making healthy choices.  But since the holidays, I’ve struggled to get back on track.  But it’s time to stop the madness and get back to it!

Veggies - yoursassyself.comAfter having to miss almost a full week of work last week due to a bad cold, beginning to feel the inflammation and pain of my arthritis again, having lost an uncle to a heart attack in the last few weeks, and witnessing the effects of cancer in two aunts and an uncle over the last month, I have all the motivation needed to get back to making healthy choices.  It’s sad to say that it took all of that to get me back focused on what matters, but it did.

Making healthy choices takes making conscious choices 24/7.  With so much noise going on in my life lately, I’ve chosen to live unconsciously when it comes to my food choices, but no more.  Drawing on the lessons and strength I gained from Oprah and Deepak’s latest meditation experience, along with previous healthy choices that worked, I’ve found my way. Granted, it’s only been a couple of weeks, but I am no longer allowing processed foods, candy, and ice cream to creep into my grocery basket, which are generally my go to emotional eating treats.  Instead I’m replacing those sweet and textural cravings with fruit and fruit based sweets like my mango trolebus (mango slushy)

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MangoSlushy-TrolebusdeMango-yoursassyself.comand agua de sandia (watermelon water).

Watermelon Water - Agua de Sandia - yoursassyself.comI’ve also gone back to making meal prep a part of my daily life, including cutting and prepackaging my veggie and fruit snacks so I can grab them on the go, much like you’d reach for a bag of chips or candy.

Pyrex and Snack Baggies with Veggies - yoursassyself.comI’ve also started cutting out red meat in favor of chicken, seafood, and vegetarian inspired dishes, so don’t be surprised when I start sharing more of them with you in the near future.

Simple Margherita Flatbread Pizza - yoursassyself.comIt’s amazing how making one healthy choice leads to making another, and another, and another, etc.  So on top of continuing my habit of exercising 5 days a week, I’m listening to my body, the way clothes fit (vs obsessing over the inevitable weight gain that came with unconscious eating), while continuing to be gentle with myself as I work through pitfalls and stumbles along the way.  Everyday is an opp to make better choices - yoursassyself quoteNegative self talk is instead replaced with positive affirmations and visualizations of a strong, healthy, inflammation free body, mind, and spirit. Because the one thing I know for sure is that starting over is not a sign of failure, never trying again is.

starting over is not a sign of failure, never trying again is - yoursassyself.comSo if you currently find yourself in the same boat, don’t worry, today is a great day to get back on track.  I know I am.

What helps you in making healthy choices?


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  1. First of all, I’m sorry to hear about your uncle that passed away. What’s helping me is how much better I feel. My body is working differently and I feel a lot better. And losing a few pounds doesn’t hurt either. 😉
    We’re basically following the paleo diet. There are tons of cookbooks out there, not to mention the internet. To save money we check out cookbooks from the library and I scan the recipes I like. Also eliminating as much processed food as possible. It’s getting easier and easier for me to do that the more I stick to this plan.
    So I’ll definitely be looking out for your recipes!

    • Thanks Liz and yes I’ve definitely started looking toward the paleo and mediterranean diet to help with eliminating processed foods and eating foods that help in getting rid of inflammation. And like you I’ve mainly relied on the interest, Pinterest mainly, to get inspired on making new dishes. I’ll keep you posted on any new great finds!

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