McDonald’s Modernized Customer Experience

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If you haven’t been inside a McDonald’s lately, you’re missing out on seeing all the cool ways McDonald’s modernized customer experience is making everything more convenient and delicious too.

McDonald's Modernized Customer Experience -

Recently I was invited to visit the McDonald’s at 3033 Nogalitos, one of the two in town that have undergone the transformation.  Here’s what I found.

McDonald’s Modernized Look

As soon as you walk in, you can’t help but marvel at their sleek new design and all the technological updates. For starters, we now have several order options to choose from, all of which are pretty simple to use. We can order from the digital self-order kiosks or order online via their mobile app. If technology is not your thing, don’t worry.  You can still order from the digital menus at the counter.  Floating staff are also available if you happen to get stuck or need assistance. It’s all part of McDonald’s goal to make the customer experience quicker and easier.

Ordering at McDonald's Modernized Counter -

The best part is that you can customize every detail of your order across all three options, from adding a side salad, to removing the bun.  It’s all available with a click of a button.

Couple ordering at McDonald's Digital Kiosk -

As you head to your table you’ll notice that the drink station has been taken from behind the counter, into the dining area. You’ll also notice all the new furniture and fixtures available to make your dining experience that much more enjoyable.

Boy filling McDonald's drink at dining area drink station -

As you push further into the kids play area you’ll not only notice the latest indoor playground equipment, but you’ll also notice various gaming options. Whether it’s playing on the interactive light tables or on the tablets, you have several gaming options at your finger tips. They’ve also installed a family restroom so you don’t have to stray too far away from the fun, or your kids.

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Girl playing on tablet at McDonald's -

McDonald’s Revolutionized Kitchen

The kitchen has also undergone a transformation.  Their new updated design has turned the back of the house into an efficient factory production line.  All the cooking takes place along the wall, the assembly happens down the middle, and the drinks and desserts are made near the drive thru window. Grouping the stations has not only cut down on the amount of steps each team member has to take to complete an order, but it’s added to making the food preparation process faster, without compromising on the quality of food or customer service.

McDonald's Modernized Kitchen Assembly Line -

Once the order shows up on the kitchen screens, the team springs into action.  If however, the order is accompanied by a ding, that means a

McDonald's fresh Quarter Pounder on grill -

to get the rest of your order just right and send it down the conveyor belt.  There the juicy goodness is married to its sides and sent on its way to you.

McDonald's workers filling orders -

McDonald’s Table Service

Once your order is complete then it’s delivered to your table by one of the front lobby assistants.  Yes, to your table, so you can continue to enjoy all the amenities mentioned above. Thanks to their new table-location technology, you can have your food delivered directly to you without having to worry about listening for your order number or having to go up to check on your order.  How cool is that?

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McDonald's table service delivery -

Just one more way McDonald’s is doing it’s best to make everything more convenient, without compromising flavor and freshness.  And it shows!

Bunless McDonald's Quarter Pounder and fries -

See more of my experience here.

What are you most looking forward to enjoying from McDonald’s modernized customer experience?

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  1. The kids play area! Nearby restrooms and interactive light table!! Awesome to take the kids “out” and not have to be in the heat!

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