Meet 2014’s Modern Family #LaFamiliadeHoy

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In December I introduced you to the Jiménez family as they were on their way toward becoming Healthy Essentials LA FAMILIA DE HOY™.  At that time I was merely a cheerleader, trying to get the world to fall in love with them as I had and it apparently worked! And it’s easy to see why.   😀


Juan, Biviana and their three children: Elisa, Diego and Benicio are a modern, active, multicultural family – who live right next to their extended familia via connecting backyards, allowing all generations to bond, pass on traditions and share memories that last a life time.

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I know a little bit about that kind of set up because that’s how I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  I too grew up on the same street as my Father’s sister and brother’s family along with my Mother’s side of the family only a town a way, thus making family gatherings, carne asadas (BBQs) and pick up games the norm.  Yes, I was fortunate enough to be able to grow up with both sides of the family, bonding and sharing great family traditions and memories.  I credit that, along with my parents love and guidance, in providing me the strong foundation needed to become a successful, independent adult.


Although my sister and I no longer live in the Rio Grande Valley (we both live in San Antonio now), we relish going back home for Holidays and family gatherings because we get to feel the same amor (love) and closeness we had with everyone when we were growing up.  This Easter was no exception.  Although the players may have changed (additions of brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, nieces and nephews), las tradiciones (the traditions), food and good times remain the same.  As do our reliance on Johnson & Johnson products.

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In prepping for the big Easter Egg Hunt, the kids still rely on JOHNSON’S® Baby NO MORE TANGLES® shampoo & conditioner to take care of those stubborn tangles.

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We also always have Infants’ Tylenol on hand because we trust it to deal with any unexpected pain or fever that may crop up after a day of fun in the sun.

Infants Tylenol #ad

Since most of our gatherings involve outdoor activities, we also trust Neosporin to provide comfort for all the inevitable scrapes and scratches, while providing 24-Hour infection protection and helping to minimize the appearance of scars.
Neosporin for cuts and scrapes #ad


And because we’re not spring chickens anymore, every pick up game and run to and from cascarones (confetti filled egg shells) ends with a nice Bengay rub down to relieve muscle and joint pain to help get us moving again in time for work on Monday.  😉

Outdoor fun = Bengay rub down #ad

While our family now looks and acts as most modern families, I know that without our initial solid foundation, filled with traditions and wonderful memories, we may not have fared as well or remained as close.  Thankfully, now we can take what we learned as kids and transfer it on to the next generation, which we happily do every time we gather, laugh and share.  As the  Jiménez – La Familia de Hoy – we relish those times and look forward to many more fun, memorable moments to come.


What things does your Modern Family do to help pass on your family traditions?


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