Mother’s Day…Yes Please!

Like many of you, I will be spending my Mother’s Day surrounded by my “kids.”

Aren’t my “kids” adorable?

I know, I know, not exactly the same as say your kids, but to me they are, minus the talking back (although they can get loud with me when they don’t like something). 🙂 But they really make me feel like a Mom because I get to love them, take care of them and spend time with them and they do the same for me. Then when I’m with my family, my nieces and nephews definitely give me a taste of what parenting is like from getting to witness some of their firsts, sharing laughs and even getting to those times when they drive me crazy, but I love them for that and for filing some of the void that single women can feel.

Not that I don’t want kids, heck let’s face it, I thought I would have kids by now, but as is the fate of single women in our 30’s I’m still left wondering when the love of my live will make a cameo in my life’s story. 🙂 Trust me, as time has past me by I’ve had my “talk me off the ledge” moments when it comes to thinking about having kids.  I’ve contemplated every aspect possible, but just last year I realized I really want it all – the love and support of a man, marriage and then me with a baby carriage.  🙂 Although my life is fullfilling as it is now, which is nice, I know that I would love to one day see my own child’s firsts and experience all that comes with motherhood.

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But this Sassy Woman isn’t sad because I believe motherhood is in my future (again, if I don’t believe it, who will?).  So until I am able to officially enter the Mother’s Day club, I will spend this Mother’s Day making my round of calls, texts, tweets and facebook posts to celebrate my Mom, Sister, Sister-in-Law, and friends.

With that, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms of the world!  And for those that are soon to be Moms and those of us that hope to one day be Moms, don’t worry, some day soon someone will be saying Happy Mother’s Day to us too! 🙂

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