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I’m so excited that so many of you loved my Yummy, Healthy Tuna Cakes recipe!  I hope to bring you many more of my red meat substitute recipes soon, but in the mean time, I wanted to share some of my other red meat substitute recipes and/or all together mouthwatering meatless recipes and those from my fellow bloggers.
Meatless Recipes -

I had forgotten how many meatless and/or red meat substitute recipes I’ve shared.

If any of these sound enticing to you, feel free to check them out and try them for yourself.

Mano Factura Arte Regio 2015 -

Whether you’re getting ready to observe the season of Lent or just looking to move away from a red meat heavy diet, this is a great place to start.  Not only because I have a few recipes of my own to share, but because this year I’ve joined forces with fellow Latina bloggers to share our favorite meatless and/or red meat substitute dishes for the next seven weeks.

The bloggers that will be sharing some of their mouthwatering recipes include:

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So join us and check back often through out the next seven weeks so that we can offer up some mouthwatering inspiration to get you through the Lent season, Meatless Monday and/or just get you through the week.  

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