My Weight Loss Awareness is Back!!!

weight scaleI’m not going to lie, life has been good to me in the relationship department for the past few months or so because I’ve been living in the moment instead of seeing the normal bumps that come with relationships, seem  like mountains.  Unfortunately, since this is a change to how I normally deal with things, my brain has apparently been over loaded in keeping me in the living in the moment mind space that the awareness I need to help me keep my eating habits in check, has slipped by the weigh side and I haven’t lost any weight during that same time frame.  Instead, I’ve spent most of my time gaining and losing the same 5 lbs over and over again.

This past weekend however, I decided I was done with gaining and losing those same 5 lbs over and over again. This past weekend I announced to my boyfriend that I was ready to get back on the mindful eating track and lose weight in time for summer.  When I showed up to work on Monday, I made the same announcement to my co-workers and again, started to faithfully tune in to my hunger and fullness levels, while using my Lose it app to log my food intake.  Thankfully, this was also the first week back at the gym after my elbow injury, which also helped spur me on.

Measuring tapeAs of this weekend, I’m proud to announce that I lost 2 lbs and saw a number on the scale that I haven’t seen since my college days ;).  I feel amazing, sore (I had been out of the gym for 3 weeks due to my elbow injury), but amazing none the less!  Here’s to my continued awareness and weight loss sucess :).

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What things have you noticed side track you from your weight loss goals?  What things help bring you back to awareness?

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