Oprah & Deepak Expanding Your Happiness Final Week Recap #ExpandingHappiness

Congratulations!! We made it through the final week of the Oprah & Deepak Expanding Your Happiness 21-day Meditation Experience.  As you know I’ve been micro blogging about it daily on my Facebook page and am again sharing this week’s recap here. (If you missed my week one recap or my week two recap, feel free to click the links to see more 🙂 )

Although this meditation experience has come to an end, please join me on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram so that we can chat about daily takeaways toward living in the moment and staying in our true selves so that we can learn and grow from each other. I am totally looking forward to swapping awareness moments with you soon!! 😀

How has your happiness expanded after this 21-day meditation experience?

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