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This past weekend I was honored to have had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with Oprah and her amazing team during The Life You Want Tour.  I hope to share more about the greatness that was the weekend in future posts, but in the mean time I couldn’t let another second pass without sharing some of the pearls of wisdom Oprah shared.  I call them Oprahisms, which are little tidbits that will definitely help anyone move closer to living the #LifeYouWant.


During night one she spent a couple of hours walking us through the various lessons she’s learned along the way.  First was that when things go wrong, that’s the universe trying to nudge you on a different path.  She said – Life always speaks in a whisper, but by the time you get bumped upside the head, you have a problem, if you continue to ignore it you then get moved into crisis, ignore it some more and you end up in a full blown disaster.  So in order to avoid that ton of bricks landing in your life, you have to be willing to be still, listen, then follow the flow to your life’s purpose.  And if you ever find yourself having to ask everybody else’s opinion about how to make a decision, that means you don’t have clarity – so the best thing to do is to sit in stillness with yourself to find the answer. 😉


She continued on to assert that we are all co-creating our life and just as in physics, for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. So make sure you’re clear on every action, thought, feeling, intention, you put out in the Universe because it’s all creating your life. Whether it creates something positive or negative is up to you.  As a result, you should check your intentions when you’re about to do things, especially when you take on things you don’t want to do, because once you lay the ground work for those, they will just keep coming back. So don’t say yes, when you really mean no so that you don’t push against what is, because when you push against it, it pushes back.  Doing this also frees you from worrying about the haters or those whom you feel have done you wrong. Why? Because of karma… and just as Miss Celie put it in The Color Purple, when she finally leaves her abusive husband, Mister. ‘Every­thing you done to me already done to you.’

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Morale of this story is don’t do anything from this day forward unless you intend to do it because it directly impacts the energy you give off. You are solely responsible for the energy you bring into the space of your life, so why not choose to bring positive energy vs. negative. All you have to do is to change the narrative.  Move out of the struggle, whatever that my look like at the moment and be grateful of where you are and the beauty that surrounds you day in day out.


The beauty of life is that it truly is that simple.  All you have to do is replace your negative thoughts with the positive energy of your true self.   We are not those negative thoughts, so let’s step out of a past filled with them and write a new, positive story for ourselves.  Because the truth is that we’ve all lived through many struggles in our lives and made it through to the other side.  If however, you currently feel like your struggle is never ending, and you feel you’ve tried everything you can, then it’s time to surrender yourself to the next possibility available and let go.

Life is about having no limiting beliefs.  You cannot openly wish something for someone else, without wanting the same for you.  So if you’re wishing ill will on someone, be careful.  You are wishing the same ill will on yourself.  Life is the greatest mirror there is.  If however, you find that you’re always able to wish your family, friends, etc. the best life has to offer – health, prosperity, etc. in order for it to hold true, you have to stop all the negative self talk.  You need to replace your – I am fat, I am worthless, I am tired – to – I am beautiful, I am worthy of all the best life has to offer, I am full of energy, etc.  Why?  Because whatever follows I am is gonna come looking for you.  And once you begin to see yourself as perfect, whole and complete, you are now free to move on to mirror that for all that cross your path.

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WishesOprah-yoursassyself.comWhen you can surrender your dream for a bigger dream, that’s when you begin to live your life’s purpose and begin to live the life you want.  And life is always better when you share it, so share your positivity and good fortune through service to others.  Then watch life continue to flourish before you, filled with all the positivity and light you could have ever dreamt and more. 😉

What steps are you taking or have you taken toward living the #LifeYouWant? 


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  1. I’ve been a fan of Oprah for many years. I am jealous, what a great opportunity to be able to attend the Life You Want tour.

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