Outdoor Party Planning Fun + Super Easy Glass Cover Tutorial

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I don’t know about you, but summers make my heart sing. They’re what I look forward to all year because to me, it’s the perfect opportunity to do some outdoor party planning and spend time with family and friends just because. Not because it’s the holidays or a family occasion, but because the weather’s perfect. And what’s nicer than chillin’, catching up and enjoying time together outdoors, by water and/or enjoying a nice backyard BBQ?

Outdoor party planning + glass cover tutorial - yoursassyself.com

To make sure it all goes off without a hitch, may I suggest you do a little outdoor party planning? Just a few considerations before the actual event can make all the difference. Here are the ones that have done wonders for me.

Besides the obvious ones of checking the weather, deciding who to invite, what to serve and making nice, nice with your neighbors so they contact you with any party issues instead of the police, you need to create an inviting ambience. For me that always starts with seating, which is why that’s been my priority this summer. From creating intimate spaces on my deck,

Decorated Deck Accentuated with Planters - yoursassyself.com

to updating my patio with comfortable, portable chairs, it all makes a difference.

Patio Seating from Big Lots - yoursassyself.com

To add to the comfort level consider finding ways to keep the bugs away from your guests and their food.

  • Scatter bug spray and citronella torches & candles through out your seating area.

Citronella Candles, Torches and Fuel - yoursassyself.com

  • Set up a covered trash can away from the seating area to keep from inviting more unwanted guests into your party.
  • Consider having extra foil, plastic wrap or wire mesh on hand to cover the food and beverages, and/or having serving pieces with lids like this super cute glass barrel jar with wood carrying handle (which reminds me of vendors selling their aguas frescas on the street).
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Glass barrel jar with wood carrying handle - yoursassyself.com

Coverage is key in keeping the gnats, flies and other pesky critters out of your food and drink. And believe it or not, coffee filters can work wonders in covering up your drinks.  And their super easy to convert into glass covers.  All you have to do is take the coffee filter, fold it in half, fold in half again, and cut the tip.  Check out my quick tutorial below.

Once you’ve got that set, you’re ready to set the mood. Light your candles, torches and any other extra lighting. Set out your disposable dinnerware. Get your favorite playlist going and wait for your guests to arrive.

Patio Table Set for Party - yoursassyself.com

Thanks to Big Lots selection and prices, you’ll always be able to find everything you’ll ever need for any outdoor gathering. Even when you’re not hosting. Whether you’re hitting the beach, the lake or a party at your friend’s, you’ll arrive in style with this super cute, fashionable travel cooler.

Fashionable Turquoise Travel Cooler - yoursasssyself.com

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Big Lots to get these finds and so much more.

What summer must have do you include in your outdoor party planning?

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  1. Didn’t know about the citronella candles! Oh, and your patio looks great–I seriously need to up my game and create an ambiance! Thank you!

    • Thanks so much Nicole, happy you dropped by and yes I’m all about those citronella candles. They work well! Here’s to you getting a chance to spruce up your outdoor spaces 😀

  2. I like those drink covers to keep the bees away from sweet drinks. I’m going to try it at the cottage on the weekend!

  3. I do a fair amount of outdoor entertaining and the bugs have been terrible. This idea is genius. I’ll be doing this for sure!

  4. Because of Big Plenty selection as well as prices, you will always be in a position to find every thing you’ll actually need for any kind of outdoor collecting.

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