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Offering Support Through Déjà Vu

Offering Support Through Déjà Vu;

I currently find myself offering support to someone close to me, dealing with a husband who consistently disregards anyone else’s feelings and makes life altering decisions on his own and then leaves her to pick up the pieces.  His most recent adventure had him leaving town for the weekend to take on a business deal …

Everyday Inspiration

How Do You Grieve When the One Your Grieving is Still Alive?

How Do You Grieve When the One Your Grieving is Still Alive?;

That is the question that three people close to me are asking themselves and me, as they seek to understand and get through the grieving process.  Two of the three are dealing with a parent who has Alzheimer’s Disease, while the other is dealing with a father who’s been told his cancer has progressed too far …

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The Most Amazing Thing Happened…

The Most Amazing Thing Happened…;

Earlier this week, the most amazing thing happened.  I was getting home from the gym, checking my various social media outlets on my phone, when the most amazing tweet came through from @thingenious – aka Josie Spinardi. It was a little surreal.  Why you ask?  Well because I mentioned her as my inspiration toward intuitive …

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