Pegine Believes We Should All “Dream Without Limits”

wpid-IMAG0203.jpgOne of the many highlights of Hispanicize 2013 was the Clorox breakfast which showcased motivational speaker Pegine Echevarria who shared their “Sueña Sin Límites” (Dream Without Limits) campaign.  Through out Pegine’s talk she shared her story of how she has grown from being a gang member to her tag line of “Lead, Laugh, Learn, Inspire.”  An it all boils down to “Be feisty, be fearless, be focused, have fun!”  Below is a small tidbit of her motivational skill level and how she truly is feisty, fearless, focused and fun. 😀

IMAG0206As an added bonus, Pegine gifted us all a copy of  Pegine’s Power Book – I’ve Got the Power to Lead  & Think Big – Truths That Will Change the Way You Think. It is a wonderful, easy read that focuses on 10 Truths to Take Charge and Change the Way You Think (below is my interpretation of each).

  1. I am valuable – Pegine encourages us to value everthing we do and to let the world know by sharing our knowledge, connections and experiences.
  2. I appreciate what came before – Pegine is a firm believer that our  background and circumstances provide us with the opportunities to discover our potential and we should be grateful for the places we’ve been and the choices we’ve made.  It is because of them that we grow, change and evolve, but only if we let go of behaviors, relationships and thoughts that no longer serve our “greatest good”.
  3. I dominate my mind – Pegine reminds us that only we have control over our thoughts –  we decide how we want to think/react toward everything around us.  It is up to us to use that power to think …”powerfully, prosperously, courageously and joyously…”  As aresult, we have to remember that we can easily “…walk away from people, media and materials that speak of weakness, lack and negativity…”
  4. I lead myself – Pegine says we are all the leaders of our lives and to that end, just as we have goals and strategies in business, we need to have strategies for how to get what we want out of life.  “…I know what I want to achieve physically, emotionally, fiscally, intellectually and in my relationships…I seek ideas, strategies and content that will teach me how to be more, do more and have more.”
  5. I impact others – Pegine reminds us to acknowledge people when “…they do good work, perform acts of kindness and influence others in a positive way.”  She also remindes us to “…take full responsibility for how people perceive who I am.”  If people say you seem unapproachable, spacy, superficial, etc., then you need to really look at yourself in the mirror and see what you may be doing to have others perceive you that way and do your best to fix that initial perception.  Pegine doesn’t want this introspection to lead you to become inauthentic, but rather to make sure you are being true to who you are, while acknowledging that we’re all human and sometimes make mistakes, but can fix them and begin to adapt so that we can be better supportive, team players.
  6. I share my vision – “I believe and have faith that everything I need will be provided…“  This is a hard one to believe, I know, especially when you haven’t yet figured out that living in the moment (my life long goal) – in what is going on now – is the only way to secure happiness in the future.  Trying to control every aspect of the now may leave you feeling empty because you are not finding the gratitude of what you currently have in front of you, but instead are trying to control the end, which may or may not ever come.  Again, something I know much about and am constantly working toward. 😉
  7. I speak positively – “Lack, limitation, negativity and fear are not part of my vocabulary ….I am clear that everyone has the potential to be more, do more and have more.  People are responsible for their lives.  I hold them accountable.  I am responsible for my actions, thoughts, beliefs and have faith in positive results.”  Need I say more? 😀
  8. I help others – Pegine encourages us to “…want people to succeed and be “..willing to teach others and share (our) experiences.  I know with the time constraints we put on ourselves we sometimes feel like we don’t even have time to breath, much less help others, but by allowing ourselves that time to help, we realize just how much “Helping you helps me.”
  9. I improve myself – “I spend time, effort and money to develop myself in all areas. I am worth it.  I value myself and my potential…I am a learner.  I invest in myself”  Thankfully this is one I have valued through out my life, unfortunately I’ve mainly limited it to my professional life and only on rare occasions also did something to expand myself in my personal life.  For now, I’ve turned the tables and am focusing more of my growth in my personal life, because while I was successful in my professional life, my personal life was not doing so well.  Now, both are running neck to neck, which love. 😀
  10. I am powerful. I am a leader. I am a representative. – Here, Pegine shares some great self talk that we should keep near and dear to our everyday lives.  “I have always had the power to be great, be brilliant and be fabulous…I am always willing to step up and do my best…I know the world needs me…I am solely responsible for the impression I give. “  Great summary for a fabulous read.
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Remember, it can all be summed up with reminding yourself to…

“Be feisty, be fearless, be focused, have fun!”


What is the first thought you’ll use the “Be feisty, be fearless, be focused, have fun!” attitude on?  What were you able to achieve when you allowed yourself to “Be feisty, be fearless, be focused, have fun!”

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