Personalized Gifts Via Hallmark’s Customization Studio

Now I’m a Southern girl through and through and we love the heck out of personalized gift items.  It just feels more special that way.  It is because of this that I was happy when I was able to grab some personalized gifts via Hallmark’s Customization Studio at my neighborhood Hallmark Gold Crown store.

Personalized Gifts Via Hallmarks Customization

First off I was struck by how many things they had available for personalization. It made my decision on what to personalize that much harder because they have so many cute things for everyone on my holiday shopping list.  To begin, they have personalized books for kids where you can change the name, hairstyle, hair color, eye color and skin color of the main character to customize the story for any little ones on your list.  How cool is that?

Hallmark Customization Studio Kids

They also have the traditional items you expect from Hallmark – Keepsake Ornaments, charms, picture frames, jewelry – which are too totally customizable.  But what you may not know is that they even offer customizations on pillows, children’s blocks, Christmas stockings, trays, cutting boards, coasters, mugs, cosmetic bags, phone cases, and so much more.  I felt like a kid at a candy store.  I wanted it all.

Hallmark Customization Studio

But after being able to actually see the sizes, colors, and nice craftsmanship of the items I had scoped out when reviewing their online catalog, I was further able to narrow down my purchases for this trip.  Now, all I had to do was ask a sales associate to join me by the customization catalog they have and take my order.

Hallmark Customization Studio Store

It was easy breezy. They just pulled out their tablet, asked me for my information, grabbed the product description from the catalog and then asked me how I wanted each personalized item to read.

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Hallmark Customization Studio

Once the order was complete and I signed off on the proof, they printed my order and I was able to check out. And in 3-5 days, I’ll be notified that my order is ready for pickup!

Because I want to keep my gifting a secret ’til Christmas, I’m not going to share exactly what I got, but one of the items I purchased was personalized with all the names of the family that will be receiving it, while the other was personalized with their last name.  Needless to say, I was one satisfied customer and I know my family will be equally excited when they open my finds this Christmas. 

What will you be personalizing on your next visit to the Hallmark Customization Studio?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but I was provided a gift card for my shopping.  However, my love for the everything shared here is my own.

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