Potty Training Tips & Tricks with Pull-Ups® Training Pants #SayAdiosToDiapers

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pull-Ups® Training Pants and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all statements and opinions on the fabulous event are all mine. 

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If you follow me on Instagram or you read my blog regularly, you know that recently I had the pleasure of joining some of my fellow San Antonio Bloggers at the Pull-Ups® Say Adiós to Diapers Luncheon.

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It was so nice sitting in a group of supportive women, sharing and learning from each other through the trials and tribulations that come with potty training. Here are some of the great potty training tips and tricks shared.

  • I know I shared this same sentiment in my luncheon post, but I think it bears restating – while potty training is an exciting milestone, It’s all about listening to your child’s cues, vs. listening to your pushy friends and family who make a face when they find out your child is X years old and still not potty trained.  We’ve all heard it, but we don’t have to let it influence the process.
  • Once you think your child is ready, try to start the process over a weekend where you’ll be home most of the time.  This will help make it easier to add it into your routine and keep it consistent.  Also have a portable potty and plenty of Pull-Ups® Training Pants on hand.  Their stretchy sides allow the child to learn the skill of pulling them down and up, while allowing the right amount of protection for training.

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  • Plan your days, making sure you include the times you plan to take your child to the potty and how long they should sit there. Here’s a Potty Training Progress Chart to help.  This is also a great way to ensure your commitment gets carried on not just by you as the parents, but from all caregivers (grandparents, baby sitters, day care staff, etc.).
  • Find ways to keep it light and fun.  Not sure how?  Don’t worry, Pull-Ups® has developed a way to celebrate the first and every flush.  There you can do everything from customize a news story for your child, to creating a video character call from Minnie, Finn, Mater or Cinderella, and a ton of other cool options.
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The most important thing to remember, regardless of your method, is to reassure your child as much as you can during accidents, making sure not to let negativity or shaming take over the potty training journey.

With that said, may you and your little one have success and lots of bonding time during you own say adiós (goodbye) to diapers campaign.  :D

What other helpful tips have you come across in your potty training journey?

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