Reunion 2012 Complete :)

The Sanchez 2012 Reunion is now a thing of the past.  We made it another year and were able to get together without much drama 🙂

We laughed, ate…
…played games…
…caught up and started planning next year’s reunion.

We heard about new illnesses, new accomplishments, great stories about the family and new adventures, which my niece, Aissa, who is about to be 17 years old topped by saying that she had decided to audition for American Idol.  Although she’s been singing since she was a little girl, she was very shy about her talent, despite the fact that she comes form a long line of performers from both sides of her family.  It wasn’t until last year, when she performed a song for a class project, that she began to get the courage and confidence to start singing at various family and public events.  Like her Daddy (my brother), she picked up the guitar her Daddy gave her for one of her birthdays and turned to YouTube to learn how to play it.  Amazing how when music is in your blood, nothing can stop you from playing it 🙂

My niece and my brother (her Dad) singing at her 16th birthday party 🙂

The American Idol audition took place last week in San Antonio…she didn’t make it, but was singled out by one of the judges and was asked to audition again next year.  Although our trip to Hollywood will have to wait, I am extremely proud of my shy, fearful of everything niece for taking a big leap and putting herself out there.  She has taken the postponement in stride and happy to have had the experience.  She feels lucky to have learned about the auditioning process, got to see Ryan Seacrest and spent lots of bonding time with her Daddy.  Don’t know that I would have reacted the same at her age, but so proud none the less!

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Niece’s American Idol audition ticket and wrist band.

What amazing things has your family sprung on you at your get togethers?  What amazing things have you sprung on your family at your get togethers?

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    • I know, we couldn’t believe it either. She only decided 2 weeks before the audition, but she liked the experience and is saying that she will be working on things to try again next year! We’ll see…regardless, we’re totally proud of her 😀

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