Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

MLKMarch2014-yoursassyself.comToday my BF (boyfriend) and I were honored to participate in San Antonio’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. march, one of the largest in the country.  It tends to draw over 100,000 people for the 2.75-mile walk honoring Dr. King’s legacy and today it attracted two more.

I’ve always been an admirer of Dr. King for his pacifist approach toward seeking change in everything from the Civil Rights movement, to fighting for fair wages and safe working conditions for workers’, to highlighting the blight of poverty and the need for educational opportunities for all Americans.

I don’t know about you but I admire those who manage to remind us about humanity, in everything thing they do, even when seeking change via nonviolence and preaching forgiveness in the face of negativity and intolerance.

I think this is why I seek to make positivity a way of life, but I’m not sure that I’ll ever get to the level of bravery and conviction Dr. King and other change artists have.  I think it takes so much courage to make make the decision to do what’s right, vs. going with the crowd and not rocking the boat.  I not only admire that quality in great well known leaders, but I also admire it in the every day person that I cross paths with on the daily.

Next time you see a military service member, or even a fire truck or police car speeding down the highway, just stop and think about how they run toward danger every day to keep us safe, regardless of our beliefs or political views.  Heck, even taking the time to donate or volunteer for good causes takes courage, especially since we all know that some causes are deemed more worthy than others.  Any time I hear about someone making the choice to help vs. turning a blind eye like we’re all guilty of one time or another, I marvel at the choice because don’t get it wrong, it’s a choice.  We all have so many choices available to us everyday and while I try to make the best choices, I know I sometimes forget humanity, but I’m little by little trying to make the change.

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What change, if any, are you trying to make in your life?




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