Save Time & Money – Renew Your Prescription with 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam

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My contact wearing friends, have I got great news! I’ve found a new way to save time & money – renew your prescription with 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam. It’s all done online and it only takes a matter of minutes. How cool is that?
Save Time & Money - Renew Your Prescription with 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam -

Benefits of 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam

The 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam is a fast and innovative vision exam for a quick and painless prescription renewal online. Yes!  Not only can you order your contacts online, on your own time, but you can now also renew your prescription online, anywhere.  Yes, the 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam truly is that easy.
Renew Your Prescription with 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam -
Gone are the days when you had to frantically schedule a vision appointment when you realized you were down to your last pair of contacts. You also don’t have to wait to be seen at your doctor’s office, only to be sent home to wait some more for your contacts to come in.  

How the 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam Works

All you need is your computer and smartphone (or the 1-800 Contacts app), your contacts box, and about 10 feet of space. Since I realized I was on my last pair of contacts the morning I was heading out of town, I opted to use the 1-800 Contacts app. All I had to do was announce myself as a new customer, select Renew Rx, and the 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam took me through a very similar experience to that in my doctor’s office. 
1-800 Contacts ExpressExam on app -
I was asked details about my previous prescription (which can easily be found on the contact’s box), along with general patient information, and eye health history. Then it was on to the actual vision exams. 
Eye Health History Questionnaire on 1-800 Contacts app -
All I can say is that I am thoroughly impressed by the technology behind the 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam.  It not only walks you through the various exams, which by the way are very similar to those I’ve done in my doctor’s office, but it uses your camera to help you measure the proper distance to complete both the Eye Irritation Test and the Visual Acuity Test.  
Taking 1-800 Contacts ExpressExam at home -
Once complete all I had to do was select how many boxes I wanted, enter my payment information, and in less than 20 minutes I was done. 
On phone -
My results were sent to an ophthalmologist for review. In 24 hours I had a valid, doctor-approved contact lens prescription and my order was ready to ship. Before I knew it, my contacts arrived at my door and they fit perfectly.  
1-800-Contacts shipment at door -

Making the Most of Your Savings

Thanks 1-800-Contacts for not only finding a way to save me time and money, but for keeping me posted every step of the way, and for offering a super easy chat service to confirm everything was complete and on schedule.  Thanks to all of this, I was able to use my weekend to enjoy the State Fair of Texas, instead of spending it sitting in a doctor’s office.
Your Sassy Self Rocio at the State Fair -
If you’d like to skip the doctor’s office too, head over to 1-800-Contacts ExpressExam to renew your prescription. You’ll love seeing how much time and money you save!
Unboxing 1-800-Contacts order -
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