Splashtown Review – Fun for Everyone!

Recently we were honored to be invited to enjoy a day of fun at Splashtown, San Antonio, via an invitation extended to San Antonio Bloggers – a group I was recently invited into and happy to have been accepted. 🙂

wpid-PhotoGrid_1370219545577.pngSplashtown invited us to bring our families to “come have fun in the sand, in the waves, under the sun” and that we did. 🙂  My  8 year old niece really enjoyed being able to get on the rides and get the same trills the adults got, which was a welcomed surprise.  Yup, you read correctly, even 8 yr olds can ride most of the rides.  Most of the rides allowed you to ride as long as you were over 42″ for some and over 48″ tall for others.  My sister and I also enjoyed the various tube rides and being able to get some relief from the sun under the private cabana Splashtown provided us, along with the other umbrellas and covered picnic areas.  My nephew loved the Starflight tube ride and the Wave Pool the best.


My sister was also happily surprised that Splashtown provided life jackets for the kids at various posts through out the park and that life guards were so prominently posted at every corner, even in areas where the water was only a couple of feet deep.

She was also surprised to know you could have birthday parties at the park.  She said she had never thought about holding a birthday party here, but it made perfect sense and would definitely be a party that everyone, from the kids to the parents, could enjoy.

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To say we all had a blast is an understatement.  It was a great way to spend a hot day in San Antonio and I just found out that Father’s get in free on Father’s Day!!  Enjoy!! 😀

What great adventures have you had at your neighborhood waterpark?  Do you have any favorite rides?

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post but Splashtown provided four free passes for review.  However, all views and opinions expressed are strictly my own and that of my guests.

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