5 Ways to Spread Kindness Every Day

The holidays are just around the corner and I think we can all benefit from lighting that inner spark that shines bright when we give, without the expectation of receiving something in return.  It’s what makes the holidays so magical. So why not continue the magic 24/7/365?  Well we can, with the following 5 ways to spread kindness every day, that don’t necessarily have to end with you dipping into your wallet, unless you really want to of course.


If you’ve been following along, you know that I struggle with living in the moment and allowing awareness in.  I’m a multi-tasker through and through, but I have learned that daily practice is the only way to ensure our inside world positively reflects in our outside world.  And giving, remarkably always find a way to be a win/win for everyone involved.  It’s for that reason that I’m honored to share the following list on some of the little things you can do to continue to bring kindness to anyone and everyone you meet.

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And how much more easy can it get than offering a smile to everyone that crosses your path. Doing so allows you to acknowledge their humanity, thus acknowledging yours.  It’s amazing how one small, thoughtful gesture can effect the person receiving it and even the one giving it. I know I always looked forward to catching the elevator at work when a particular student worker was covering the front desk because she always greeted everyone with such a sweet, bubbly voice, ready to help in any way.  Just when I thought I was being a shining light to myself and everyone around me, she always made me realize that I still had a few more notches to climb to meet her giving spirit.  And I let her know often that I appreciated her for it, which brings me to the second way you can offer kindness every day.

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Offer someone a compliment or message of positivity, whether they need it or not.  If nothing else, it just solidifies your own “feel good” mood inside.

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Tell your family and friends that you love them, both out loud and with actions.  Maybe even get to know their love language so you know they’ll always feel loved by you.

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Donate your time and/or unwanted items to charitable organizations.  I know that I personally always keep a bag in my closet ready to collect items for donation.

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Help clean up – at home, your child’s classroom, neighborhood park, etc.  As a woman, I know nothing makes me smile ear to ear more, than getting clean up assistance without having to ask for it.  It’s all heartwarming I tell ya. Whether it’s help in loading the dish washer at home, or volunteering to help the community we live in, it all makes a difference in uniting us through compassion and kindness.  And that’s what it’s all about.

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Just a few suggestions to allow that sometimes hard exterior we put on, to melt into gratitude. If you have any others please share them below.  The main thing to remember is to have fun and have your heart, not your head, lead the way. That’s when you’ll find the right gesture of kindness for your comfort level.

So get out there and spread some kindness today!

Have you ever had a random act of kindness change your day from drab to fab? Please share. 

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  1. Its only happened a few times but I greatly appreciate when the person in front of me at the check out lets me go ahead when I have a few items and they have a full cart. That brings a smile to my face and shows they are very considerate.

  2. I was once in a check out line and the elderly lady ahead of me was slow and talking to the cashier. The person behind me was complaining so I asked her if she wanted to go ahead of me as I was not in a hurry. The lady behind me then realized she was not either and allowed the elderly lady to talk.

  3. Such a beautiful post. I try and be nice to everyone I see. You never know when your smile will help someone in need. I think we encounter a lot of nasty people some days and one kind person will make you feel like the world is beautiful again.

  4. I think a lot of us are guilty of extending kindness to our peers but not to everyone. because we don’t or can’t give to the homeless we pass on the street we don’t look them in the eye or smile which could go a long way in showing them kindness

  5. I did one kind act the other day. Our door bell rang and peaking by the door. I saw a guy wearing a green sweatshirt and he looks so dirty. He is a truck driver and ask me if he have water to put on his truck as it is over heating. I peak the road and saw his truck. I told him wait., let me open the garage so I can give you the house. I forget we have a hose outside by the kitchen window. He get water there instead. I was a little scared but knowing I have a Pitbull and rat terrier that are barking like crazy, that I am safe to help a stranger. He did thank me though after. He seems like a very young nice guy. Glad that I can help.

  6. That phrase, “Kill them with kindess” is a mantra I live by every single day. There’s no use in being hostile and mean to people, that won’t do you any good. Really, if we were all a little kinder, the world would be a better place.

  7. I love this! I try to teach this to my kids all the time – today my daughter – on her own – asked an elder lady at the grocery store if she could help her as she was struggling with something! heart was singing!

  8. I have heard so many stories of how a simple smile changed a person’s decision to commit suicide. I try to smile at as many people as I can. People probably think I am some crazy smiling lunatic. lol it’s ok, I may just save a life. 🙂

  9. I’m making it a point to be nice today to someone who really aggravates me. LOL I’m not kidding. I decided it before the day started and your post reiterated my today-goal. 🙂

  10. These are such great tips! I always try to smile at strangers (when appropriate lol) and do little things like hold the door open or let someone with one item at the grocery store cut ahead 🙂

  11. Yesterday was World Kindness Day and we had such a demonstration of unkindness. However, in it holds a lesson to us all to be grateful and as you said – learn to live in the moment. It is all we have. Namaste

  12. These are such great reminders for anytime of the year. I always try to smile and say hello. It’s such a little gesture that can go a long way.

  13. I love it! This is exactly what my post is about for Valentine’s Day! I am so happy to know you via Blog! Your new friend via LBC.

  14. This are all great ideas. sometimes you forget how good it feels to give someone a smile or to get one from a total stranger. Will do.

    • Love it Angelica, that’s all it takes sometimes 😀 Big smile and big hug from me to you – enjoy the week and let me know how it goes. 😉

  15. Thank you for these ideas! I feel like the world can use as much kindness as possible right now. Also, I’m a middle school teacher, and if a parent offered to help me clean my classroom at the end of the day, I cannot tell you how grateful I would be!

    • Yay, that’s exactly what I was hoping for Emmi. Here’s hoping you get an offer like that soon 😀 Cheers to spreading kindness today and always and thanks for teaching our youth! You’re one of a kind.

  16. I love this! Great ideas, great reminders. I recently started doing “kindness projects” (blog post coming soon) with my kids, to have them focus on kindness and see the joy it brings to others. Your list fits perfectly with what we do, but is so nice and simple that you can bring kindness to the world every day! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Karen, that’s what it’s all about. I feel like little by little, kindness and compassion is getting lost. So happy to hear you’re bringing it to your kids and they’re taking to it. Warms the heart! Thanks for stopping in and sharing! Have a great day!

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