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If you follow along, you know that this year I hosted Thanksgiving at my house and in a Mexican family, that means I had house guests all week, not just for Thanksgiving day.  It’s for that reason that I was happy to have been introduced to Boiron’s line of homeopathic medicine. As is bound to happen with a house full of everyone from children to seniors – I saw everything from scrapes to tummy aches, to the start of colds – but thanks to Boiron’s products and their amazing Medicine Finder App, I was ready for it all.

Staying HealthyWith

We all know that nothing kills the holiday spirit more than someone falling ill, or worse, someone falling ill and then getting everyone else sick too.  I definitely didn’t want that to be the case at my house, so I turned to my Boiron products and app for assistance.  As soon as an ailment came to my attention, all I had to do what use the app to match the symptoms with the recommend meds and dosages.

Boiron Medicine
The app also offers up coupons and the ease of purchasing it online if you don’t have a place to purchase it in your area.

And since the majority of the meds are in pellet or tablet form, with a sweet taste, needing no water to take – it was super easy getting the little ones to take what they needed to feel better. Even my niece, who is notoriously horrible at taking any forms of pills, did great at taking Arnica Montana 30C for her growing pains in her legs.

Boiron Arnica

And my nephew who had some scrapes from p!aying outside, had no issue with me applying Calendula Cream to heal his scrape.

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Boiron Calendula

My Mom and I both woke up feeling like a cold was coming one morning, so I immediately handed her a dose of Oscillococcinum, which relieves symptoms associated with the common cold, and it did it’s job.  We felt better the next day!  She was so impressed that she asked about the products.  I told her they were all natural, effective and safe, homeopathic meds with a proven track record.  Then I handed her some Arnicare, which helps with they symptoms of arthritis, which both she and I suffer from.  I encouraged her to add it as part of her arthritis care to see how she felt by Christmas, which she’ll be hosting at her house.


Needless to say, as I travel to my parents house for Christmas, I won’t be leaving home without some Oscillococcinum to help stave off cold symptoms, some Nux vomica 30C for the over indulgences of the holidays and some Arnica Montana 30C which serves as a general pain reliever.

Boiron Travel

I’m also planning to gift my sister-in-law some Camilia, which I heard works wonders for teething, to help ease symptoms for my baby nephew.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

What Boiron homeopathic product will you be trying first?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but I was provided the Boiron products featured.  However, my love for the everything shared here is my own.

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  1. Tis the season for tummy bugs. I am so scared and nervous. We have family and germs around as well and my daughter has her birthday party Saturday.. Let me get through Saturday, please.

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