Navigating Student Loan Forgiveness and Repayment

As a college graduate two times over, having earned a bachelors and masters degree, I know how burdensome student loan debt can be.  In fact, it was so scary for me that I decided to immediately go into my masters, because I could defer the student loan debt from earning my bachelors. While I’m totally happy with the decision, and am happy to say I’m debt free, it’s always nice to know all your options upfront.  So if you’re knee deep in federal student loan debt, here are some things I recently learned about navigating student loan forgiveness and repayment plans.

FB Navigating Student Loan Forgiveness and Repayment - yoursassyself.comFirst was that there is such a thing as student loan forgiveness, repayment assistance, and even student loan forgiveness with a repayment plan (click each link for more).  Yes, loan consolidation isn’t the only other option.  Shocking I know! More shocking though are the odds that you’ll qualify for one, or a combo of programs.

Eek! Free money is always worth the look.

You can find out all the information and qualifications by clicking the links above, or by clicking this link – Federal Student Aid’s (part of the U.S. Department of Education) – and browsing through the How to Repay Your Loans section.

Federal Student Aid - How To Repay Your Loan - yoursassyself.comI must warn you though, that much like most government paperwork, it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out which programs you’re eligible for, applying, choosing plan options, etc.  I know I definitely felt that way as I navigated the information for myself.  Throw in the varying tax implications of each program and I was totally ready to throw my hands up and say MERCY!

If you love filing out your own taxes at the end of the year, and you’re brain is wired to tackle this kind of paper shuffle, more power to you.  The links above will definitely lead you to where you need to be to work on dwindling your federal student loan debt.  If however, like me, you already have someone else do your taxes at the end of the year, then you may want to hire someone to help you navigate this process.  A few weeks ago I met such a company, which is actually based right here, out of San Antonio, TX, but handles federal student loan debt cases around the country. They are My Education Solutions, a financial advocacy organization dedicated to helping people filter through the various federal debt forgiveness and repayment programs.  They even offer workshops (click to find out more) to get you familiar with their process.

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MyEducationSolutions_Flyer - yoursassyself.comIf however, you can’t make it to a local workshop, here’s a little more info on what they offer from Christina Randell, the Founder and CEO of My Education Solutions.

And what gave me more confidence in their abilities was that when a friend found out I had attended a luncheon with My Education Solutions, he shared how they had helped him.  Mind you, he’s a professor at a local university, but like me, was scared of the tax implications.  So instead of doing it himself, he turned to My Education Solutions and he said that they managed to save him and his wife around $600 a year.  Not bad my friends, not bad at all.

So if you’re looking to lighten your federal student loan debt, but don’t want to deal with all the hassle of determining eligibility, applying, and dealing with the tax implications, you too should reach out to My Education Solutions.  You never know what kind of savings they may be able to offer you.  And by entering the Your Sassy Self Promo Code – YSS – at the end of this survey (click link), you’ll save 50% off their enrollment fee.  Totally worth it according to my friend, but please check out all the information for yourself and see which option works best for you!

Happy Savings!

Have you had any experience with Student Loan Forgiveness or Repayment plans?

Navigating Student Loan Forgiveness and Repayment - yoursassyself.comDisclosure: I was not compensated for this post, but I was provided the My Education Solutions discount code for future perks.  Don’t worry though, all opinions about their services are my own!

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  1. This organization sounds great! Getting your student loans forgiven can be a long process, but it ends up saving you so much money that it’s worth it. Thanks so much for sharing all the helpful information and tips!

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