Success! Mother-in-Law Loves Me…Now Time to Party

wpid-PhotoGrid_1370613038111.pngWell the future Mother-in-Law came into town and loved it all – the Swiffer cleaned home, my Mexican Mole and most importantly me!  As usual, once a stressful event comes and goes you wonder why you worried so much about it, but it was all worth it!

Not only did my future Mother-in-Law

gush about what a wonderful influence I’ve been on her son (applause, applause…thank you, thank you 😛 ), but she gushed about my home, my choice in décor, my food, my backyard….success.

wpid-Collage-2013-04-21-20_49_49.pngThankfully my BF (boyfriend) and I had managed to Swifferize our house so much that the true beauty and love I’ve put into it outshined anything negative she may have noticed had she dropped by say Friday night instead. 😉

Conclusion:  Swiffer does pass the Abuelita test and as an added bonus, even the Suegra (Mother-in-Law) test. 😉

Now that we’ve had a successful visit, I’ve given my BF the green light to host a Spurs watching party at the house for some of his other family members.  Now that the deep cleaning and hard work is out of the way, I know all we’ll have to do is have a quick Swiffer dust and vac session before his family arrives and we’ll be back in business. 😉

As usual, the next task will be to decide what we’ll eat, but seeing as it’s a sports related activity, I’m sure all my options will be quick and easy to make or even pick up 😉  We don’t always have to be super women and do it all ourselves 🙂

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What recent stressful event had you all tied up in knots?  What kept you sane enough to take it head on?

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post but I was provided with the Swiffer products mentioned above for review.  However, all views and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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