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Diet shift? Sort of ;)

As you may have seen from my post Ayurveda Says I’m Kapha, What Are You?, I am turning to Ayurveda to help me win my battle in finding a way to balance my food intake so I no longer have major shifts in my weight.  Following Chopra’s Kapha-Balancing Nutritional Guidelines however has caused some inner turmoil – you’ll see why below. According […]

Health & Wellness

Using Ayurveda to Reach Our Ideal Weight

I first heard about Ayurveda when I was speaking to some co-workers from India during a Celebration of Staff Diversity event at work.  They explained that Ayurveda was a healing process used in India based on massage.  I was already sold once I heard massage, but in January’s Chopra Center Newsletter I learned more about Ayurveda and […]

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Time to Focus on the Body

Now that I’ve begun getting my mind and spirit functioning with my true self in mind, I decided it was time to again start working on trying to get my body back to its true/ideal weight. 😉 Thankfully finding my true self has quietly brought me back to reaching my ideal weight because being your true […]