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Creative Ways to Stay Active

Staying active is part of living a healthy life. It not only helps reduce the risk of illness, but it plays a part in keeping our mind, body, and spirit in balance. The trick is finding something we enjoy doing. That’s why I wanted to share some creative ways to stay active and have fun […]

Health & Wellness

How to Make Exercise a Habit

New year, new you means many of us are hitting the gyms, boot camps, crossfits and every other fad exercise craze you can think of in hopes of getting the beach bodies we’ve always wanted. And as an avid gym and exercise enthusiast, I’ve definitely become accustom to seeing the masses come in full force […]

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Getting Fit, Getting Healthy

Yes, like everyone else in America I set out to start off my year on a getting fit, getting healthy journey.  If you follow along, you know that’s been my goal since I started this blog. And while at times I tend to be hard on myself for not automatically being able to get back to […]