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Finding Happiness in the Ordinary

Oprah & Deepaks Expanding Your Happiness Week 1 Recap #ExpandingHappiness

If you didn’t know, I’ve been following along the Oprah & Deepak Expanding Your Happiness 21-day Meditation Experience daily on my Facebook page and is why I’m sharing the week 1 recap here.  I hope you’ll join me on Facebook so that we can chat about our daily takeaways and learn and grow from each other.  So feel …

Odds and Ends from Hispanicize 2012;

Odds and Ends from Hispanicize 2012

In mid April I attended Hispanicize 2012, a conference targeted toward Latinos, that brought brands, media, marketers, celebrities, filmmakers, innovators and bloggers together in a unique creative environment focused on best practices.  If you missed it, here’s a quick recap of things that caught my attention. 🙂 Hispanicize 2012 – Pitch Must Haves Presented by:  Cristina Alfaro, McDonalds