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Hispanicize 2013 Recap

It’s hard to belive it’s been a little over a week since I was in Miami attending Hispanicize.  For those who don’t know, Hispanicize is a conference that’s slowly but surely becoming a melting pot where Latino trendsetters in social media, marketing, journalism, film, music and innovation meet, mingle, collaborate and celebrate how far we’ve come in all genres.  This merge c

Everyday Inspiration

Can’t Wait to See What New Adventures Hispanicize 2013 Brings

See there wouldn’t be a Your Sassy Self blog, Twitter or Facebook presence without Hispanicize 2012, which my friend Melanie (Que Means What?,) told me about and encouraged me to attend.  To my surprise, Hispanicize was one of the most knowledge filled, fun and personal growth experiences I’ve had in a long time,which resulted in me saying Look Ma…I’m blogging! […]


Cine Festival 2013 – The Filly Brown Experience

I not only just returned from an amazing vacation – which I hope to share more about in future posts -but this past weekend I got a chance to attend Cine Festival here in San Antonio.   Cine Festival celebrated its 35th anniversary this past week, showcasing 8 nights of Latino films at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Theater. To be […]