Tips Toward Breast Cancer Prevention And Better Health

As you may or may not know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  It’s a perfect time to remind ourselves to take care of our health, mind, body and spirit. I know as women we often times make others the priority, but we have to stop running ourselves ragged and into an unhealthy lifestyle.  We need to

Simplify Your Life With These Stress Busters

I don’t know about you, but living a simple, stress free life has been something that I’ve strived for since I can remember.  There were times that I thought it would never come, but since embarking on my living in the moment journey, I’ve managed to find ways to simplify my life with these easy stress

Here’s to the Last 40 Years!

Happy Birthday to me!  Today’s the day I officially say goodbye to my 30’s and say hello to another decade of life.  While entering another decade can make some roll into a little ball and cry at their perceived loss of youth, that’s not how this chica will be spending her day.  Life is too precious