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SanFrancisco2014-yoursassyself.comLast I checked in, I talked about my first trek out to Cali-for-ni-a with my best friend and our experience at Hay House’s I Can Do It conference in San Jose, our little wine and dine adventure through Napa Valley, but didn’t say a word about San Francisco.  Well, here’s the last missing piece to my 2014 California adventure.  😀

The beautiful, alluring qualities of California are the fact that you get it all – from the sea to the mountains, to even the desert. Not being a fan of the desert and just having left the mountains of Calistoga, I knew we had to make a trip toward the sea. Water here we come.

GoldenGateBridge-yoursassyself.comSo we made our way down the mountains toward San Francisco and in a little over an hours time I saw the beautiful Golden Gate bridge before me. The tourist in us of course pulled over and enjoyed some time basking under the glorious sun and amazing views.  Once we had our fill, my friend remembered that she knew the way to the coast, so off we went and it was totally worth the drive.  In about 30 minutes we hit our first beach and marveled at the beauty of it all. Being from Texas and having visited several Carribean beach destinations and Miami, California’s beach certainly was different.  We didn’t see any sea shells in the sand, just rocks.  Also, there were surfers as far as the eye could see.  It was the middle of the day and we found ourselves saying we must be in the wrong line of business.  We snapped several pics, breathed in the sea air and decided it was time to try to find our hotel.

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FishermansWharf-yoursassyself.comWe made our way through the hilly streets of San Francisco and found our destination.  We still had some time before our hotel was ready and since I purposely selected a hotel by the bay, we decided to take a walk to the Fishermen’s Wharf. We walked and walked for days up and down the Wharf, enjoying all the ambiance and all the glorious food and drink San Francisco’s Wharf had to offer. After a long day and as night fell, we packed for our trip home.  Once morning came, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the hotel and started our trek back to the San Jose airport and back home to Texas.

It was all a wonderful experience!  Thanks California for a great time! Until we meet again.  😀

What fond California memories do you have?

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