The Most Amazing Thing Happened…

Earlier this week, the most amazing thing happened.  I was getting home from the gym, checking my various social media outlets on my phone, when the most amazing tweet came through from @thingenious – aka Josie Spinardi.

It was a little surreal.  Why you ask?  Well because I mentioned her as my inspiration toward intuitive eating in my first post about getting skinny – “It’s Not Easy Getting Skinny.” 

Earlier this summer I was at my wits end about weight loss and found her YouTube channel Thingenious by Josie Spinardi, which changed my dieting life :).

Since getting immersed in every video she had on YouTube and reading a couple of the books she mentioned in her videos, I have been trying my hardest to focus on asking myself:

  • Are you really hungry or are you trying to avoid some emotions, etc.
  • How hungry are you?
  • What are you hungry for?

Once I’ve assessed the answers to those questions, if I’m really hungry, I eat what I’m hungry for, but make sure to take my time, savor every bite and check in with myself to see when I’ve reached a comfortable satisfaction level so I can step away from the food.

This of course is a simplified synopsis of what intuitive eating can be, as championed by Josie and others I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, but everyday life can divert from the simplicity of the concept, which is why support from apps, journals, friends, family, etc. should be used to keep you on track.  It’s mainly about being in tune with yourself and your hunger in a sometimes chaotic world that tries its hardest to take your attention away from that.

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Changing old habits of scarfing food down on the go, in front of the TV, etc. take time and can be challenging at times, but once you begin to tune into what your body is truly telling you, you realize that your body is completely on your side.  It also only wants to process the food you need to function and not have to process all the food we tend to over eat when we’re not paying attention.

As I continue to learn and grow into an automatic intuitive eater, I was touched and elated that Josie took the time to not only read my blog, but to actually reach out to me and offer me a free copy of her audio book How to Have Your Cake and Your Skinny Jeans Too.

Words cannot explain how amazing it feels to have someone whom you’ve looked up to, look back at you, validate your journey and offer up support along the way.  For this Josie, I am forever grateful.  The smile you put on my face this Tuesday has not left :).

I just downloaded the book so I don’t have any new intuitive eating tid bits to share, but I hope to have more to share soon.

What amazing thing happened to you recently?  Have you had any experience with intuitive eating?  Do you have any intuitive eating tid bits to share?

Rocio Chavez
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  1. That’s really great!!! 🙂 It’s a nice feeling when others acknowledge your journey and reach out to you. I try to intuitively eat but find myself having to retrain my body because I wasn’t eating properly before. Now I eat about 5 meals a day and feel much better!

    • Amen sista! That’s me every day…but little by little I think I’m beginning to move more toward intuitive eating habits, which make my mind and body feel much more i control than I have in a long time 🙂

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