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Things I Can See Clearly Now

If you’ve ever had an If I only knew then, what I know now… moment, then you’ll appreciate my list of things I can see clearly now.

Things I can see clearly now -

It’s funny how only time can give you the perspective you need to figure out life.  And even when you think you’ve figured it out as much as you possibly can, time again proves to you – but wait, there’s more.  So as I’ve gone through various stages of my life pondering If I only knew then, what I know now…. about big areas of my life, here’s what I know to be true about myself at this very moment.

If I only knew then, what I know now…, I may:

  • have had more confidence in all aspects of my life from my teen years to my college years;
  • have been more adventurous;
  • not have participated in throw away relationships;
  • have walked away from bad situations/relationships faster;
  • have told my high school self that what I thought was fat, was actually my ideal weight & should embrace it rather than try to look like what I saw on TV & in magazines;
  • have handled a lot of other things in my life differently.

The truth though was that I did the best I could with what I had and life has turned out exactly as it was meant to for me.  Through life’s trials and tribulations, Oprahisms, meditation, and supportive family and friends, I’ve learned a lot about myself along the way.  Basically I now know what I want out of life – what I will tolerate, what I won’t – and it’s an amazing feeling!

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Bahamian Sunset -

So while I wish I could have experienced all this enlightenment years earlier, the things I can see clearly now are that everything happens for a reason and in its own time.  Although I don’t have any kids, I now realize why parents are always handing out advice to us none receptive teens, young adults. They are also going through the same realizations I’m just now getting to and want their kids to know now, what THEY didn’t know then.  I guess that’s the vicious cycle knowledge goes through.  It’s a right of passage that is earned through struggle, heartache, age, etc. – kinda explains why history always repeats itself.

So teens, young adults, and anyone else struggling to get the best out if life, here’s what I know. When you take time to stop and smell the roseslive in gratitude, let go of EGO, (let go of the need to be right), and focus every part of your being (mind, body, soul, surroundings) on your goals (personal or professional), you will manifest the life you want in time to be able to enjoy it.

Oprah quote on courage -

So cheers to living your best life!

What enlightenments have you had recently and how have they changed the way you live and/or view your life?

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Rocio Chavez

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I'm a Mexican-American, Sassy, Bilingual, Professional Woman with a passion for life long learning, sharing, and living my best life. I'm the founder and digital content creator for Your Sassy Self and work full time as a Multimedia Designer. Let's connect and see how we can change the world...or at least change our perspective of it. 😉
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I'm a Mexican-American, Sassy, Bilingual, Professional Woman with a passion for life long learning, sharing, and living my best life. I'm the founder and digital content creator for Your Sassy Self and work full time as a Multimedia Designer. Let's connect and see how we can change the world...or at least change our perspective of it. ;)

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  1. Liz S says:

    Something I’ve realized is a saying I learned not too far back and I dont even remember where I heard it. Probably a movie. “Everything you do, matters”. Whether its something trivial or life changing. And whether someone knows about it or not. Looking back I wish I would have said that to myself and believed it. Its definitely been enlightening and something I will instill in my children. Great post!★

    1. Yes Liz, everything we do matters! Big or small, it has an impact and I’m happy your sharing this with your kids. ☺ xoxo

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    They way I look at things now that I am older is definitely different. I see things for how they really are now.

    1. I know, so much of what we sometimes think we see is merely in our heads, but when we can see clearly we get to see more of what our actual reality looks like and it’s not that bad. Thanks for dropping by Robin!

  3. I need to stop and enjoy life more. That means making time for my family.

    1. Yup, enjoying the moment is a struggle for me too Tara, but it makes all the difference.

  4. this reminds me a lot of the Brad Paisley song “Letter to Me” and yes i think we can all see how we wish we could have see more clearly in our teenage years

    1. I gotta hear that song now Michelle thanks for mentioning it.

  5. Hindsight is definitely 20/20. Everything happens for a reason! Definitely lots of good reminders!

    1. Thanks Heidi, hope you have a great week!

  6. SO true! I know I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for all I’ve been through in my life, the good and the bad. I would have told myself teen self to stop letting fear control me. I could have done so much more.

    1. I know what you mean Jasmine, that fear is so not nice, but good to know we’re conquering it one step at a time 😀

  7. Elizabeth O. says:

    Fear is the only thing that’s stopping us from being who we are. And once we get over the idea of fear, we’ll be more comfortable with being ourselves. This is a very inspiring post. Thank you for sharing this to us.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, fear is a dream killer but I know we can pull through 😀

  8. The older I get, the truer these things are. I love the wisdom and insight I have gained with age and maturity 🙂

    1. Right Rachel, makes life calmer too I find.

  9. I always tell people, “it always gets better” no matter how bad it is now.

    1. And it always does find a way – time is so healing.

  10. victoria says:

    Wow i enjoyed reading these. Thank you for making me inspired i wish i can see clearly now because i am in the process of depression

    1. Awe Victoria, hang in there – depression is no fun, but what I usually do to try to help is stop myself of thinking about all the bag and focus on the little good things in life – like I can breath and move without assistance, I have a roof over my head and way too much food on my table – things like that. I list at least 3 of those when I wake up and 3 more when I go to sleep and my mood begins to change. Hope it helps you some!

  11. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I am 32 and I am still learning, trying to figure out what i really want to do.

    1. Every path is different but the more you live in the moment, Ego free, the easier life becomes Rika. Good luck on your journey 😀

  12. I love the quote by Oprah. It’s true that the only courage you need is the courage to do what you really want in life.

    1. Agreed! Thanks for dropping by 😀

  13. Isn’t such a wonderful thing to finally starting to see clearly? Welcome to the “clear sight club!” Namaste.

    1. Thanks Claudette, took a while, but I’m here 😉 Namaste

  14. Such detrimental advice we all need to let go of the past and focus on the present, to live in the moment x

    1. Agree, living in the moment and letting go of the past is the only way toward happiness Ana

  15. mya.k says:

    Ever thing we do make a huge impact on out life’s expressly the time with you kinds.

    1. Very true Mya

  16. Sometimes I look back and think about the stupid decisions I made when I was young. But, then, I remember that I wouldn’t be where I am today without those decisions.

    1. We’ve all been there Stephanie and thankful to know they were meant to get me where I am today 😀

  17. One thing I do not like is people when get bullied. I am a very shy person but I do express my opinions especially I am provoked with somebody and even family. I will fight and does not matter who they are.

    1. Good for your Jessica, standing up for what’s right is a good quality 😀

  18. I look back at many things, and wish I could have done them differently. I am a parent now, so I try to teach my children the best, but I know they will make mistakes too…and that’s OK.

    1. Yup you’ve got the right idea Shann, thanks for dropping by.

  19. CourtneyLynne says:

    Ahhh funny to reflect on things from the last! Only if I could tell my younger self all the things I know now!

    1. Yes, it’s crazy how that works CourtneyLynne 😀

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