Tips to Navigate Clearance Sales

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I don’t know about you, but I love me some clearance sales.  There’s definitely a high I get with knowing I’ve gotten the most bang for my buck.  But after many years of hitting up all things clearance, I know not everything in the clearance aisle needs to end up in my home.  That’s why I’ve developed some helpful tips to navigate clearance sales so that I can keep the totally unnecessary items from making the cut.

Tips to Navigate Clearance Sales -

Make a list and stick to it.

Really your best ally in saving money on anything is only buying what you really need and not spending outside of your budget.  So with that in mind, I always keep a running list of the day to day necessities I need to replenish, the day to day niceties I need to replace, and the specialty items that I want for myself, my home, etc.  Keeping that running list allows me to be a more targeted shopper and keeps me from straying toward purchases I don’t need.

Digital Shopping List -

This past weekend for example, armed with my list, I hit up my neighborhood Big Lots in search of a specialty item and a nicety item.  I upgraded my toaster to a toaster oven (specialty item)

Stainless Toaster Oven -

and replaced a broken hose spray nozzle (nicety).

Hose nozzle -

While these were the main reason for my visit, as I mentioned before, I can’t pass up a clearance sign.  Especially nicely organized like ones like these. That’s why I had to look and see if any of the other items on my list ended up there.

Clearance Sale -

Low and behold I found some more nicety and specialty items at great prices, so I got them as well.

Garden Accessories -

And while the trip didn’t originally center around these purchases, they were still items on my list.

Don’t get overwhelmed, enjoy the hunt.

While Big Lots does tend to have several nicely organized clearance shelves throughout the store, clearance aisles can sometimes be filled with so much stuff that it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to rummage through everything.

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Targeting Clearance Finds -

That’s where your list comes in handy.  Review it before you dive in so that you know exactly what you’re looking for and can get in and out quickly. I did that on my trip and was able to immediately focus on a stack of blinds.  I knew that the mini blind in my garage had taken a tumble and needed to be replaced. So I looked for the measurement I needed and was pleased to see that there was one left. I scooped it up and brought it home with me. Good as new.

Mini Blind Replacement -

If however, you find more than one item that you’re hoping to stockpile for a later date, consider a few things before bringing it home. Where are you going to store it, and how will you find it when you need it?  This will hopefully keep you from buying things you have no room for, or won’t be able to find because they end up in no man’s land.

Double check everything

A great deal becomes null and void if you fail to check to see whether the item works, if it’s expired, or if the savings don’t scan properly at the register.  So make sure you double-check everything.

Big Lots Savings -

I know on my particular trip, as a Big Lots Buzz Club Rewards Member, I had access to a 20% discount.  Yes, 20% off, including the items I found in the clearance aisle. Score! So I loved seeing my savings add up on everything at check out, including these other fab finds, from my list of course.

Beige Queen Sheet Set & Rug -

I bet you didn’t know Big Lots had such great finds, amazing rewards, and prices.

Know the return policy

Yes clearance buys can be a great deal, but not if you can’t return them if they’re not exactly what you need, or you go a little crazy buying more than you actually need. Even $1 feels better in your pocket, than in the trash or donation bin.

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Big Lots even makes this easy.

Big Lots Refund Policy -

So keep these tips in mind the next time you find yourself in a clearance sale, and you’ll walk out a smart shopper, with great finds, that won’t bust your budget.

What are your favorite Big Lots clearance finds and what tips do you have to navigate clearance sales?

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