3 Tips to Raise a Happy, Healthy Dog

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Puppies, there’s nothing better. But like everything in life, they inevitably grow from being perritos (puppies) that love taking shelter between your legs, to curious adult dogs. That’s why I wanted to share my 3 tips to raise a happy, healthy dog.

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Raising happy, healthy dogs is more than just getting them the best vet care or getting them potty trained. We have to make sure that we provide nutrition filled with real, wholesome ingredients at every stage of their life. That’s how we can get them ready to learn the proper socialization skills that will help them live their best life.

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A Healthy Dog Needs Healthful, Flavorful Food

For us that currently means transitioning to healthful, flavorful adult dog food. Enter Purina® Beneful® Grain Free with Farm Raised Chicken and Purina® Beneful® Medleys, which for over 90 years has made pets their passion.

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They not only strive to make nutritional breakthroughs to advance the lives of pets, but they are committed to quality. That quality is what makes this dog mamma muy feliz (very happy), and keeps this growing boy happy and healthy.

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So if you’re interested in trying this out for dog, grab yours here!

Or grab it the next time you visit your neighborhood Walmart.

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A Happy Dog Needs Plenty of Exercise

Once their bellies are full though, it’s time to get them moving.  I hate to break it to you, but dogs aren’t meant to sit quietly in your backyard, or on a sofa while you’re at work. They need to run and explore other sights, sounds, and smells outside of your casa (house).

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If not, then you’ll end up with a bored dog, which can sometimes manifest itself as aggression or lead to destructive behavior. No bueno (not good). But don’t worry.  If daily walks aren’t always possible, you can play fetch, chase, or anything that gets your dog panting.

A Happy, Healthy Dog Needs Training

Once they’re good and tired, they’ll be in a much better headspace to do what you want them to do. So feel free to keep challenging them with various mental exercises.  Mental exercise can come in various forms, from hiding treats, to getting them to practice their manners. The latter is particularly important before you release your dog to the outside world, or your local dog park. You have to make sure you’ve trained your dog to be a “buen ciudadano” (good citizen) to keep him from getting hurt. Respect and personal space is not only important in the human world, but it’s doubly important in the animal world.  So if your dog tends to run away or exhibit excessive jumping, biting, aggressive/territorial behaviors, I suggest you stay clear of public spaces until you’ve had time to address the issues.

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Just take it slow, be calm, and exude confidence, regardless of whether you train them at home or you seek the help of a professional.  Consistency, patience, amor (love) and food/treats filled with real, wholesome ingredients will totally do wonders in teaching them good behaviors, or correcting bad ones. Not only will their mind, body, and spirit thank you for it, but so will yours.

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Do you have any tips to raise a happy, healthy dog fed real, wholesome ingredients, like those found in Purina® Beneful® Grain Free with Farm Raised Chicken and Purina® Beneful® Medleys from your neighborhood Walmart?


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