‘Tis the Season for a Gratitude Giveaway Extravaganza

That’s right, a Gratitude Giveaway Extravaganza!
I know it sounds silly, but I never really understood the meaning or the power of gratitude until I started my path toward meditation, self-awareness and ultimate happiness around this time last year.  Since then I’ve shared my ups and downs in trying to make living in the moment a way of life, while seeing how living in gratitude has made my life that much better.  It’s been a wonderful journey which I’ve shared here and I am so grateful to those of you who take time from your days to follow along.


So, as we journey toward time with family this Thanksgiving, I would love for you to try not to let the stresses and/or any awaiting family drama keep you from living in gratitude and enjoying your time together, because the only certainty in life is that tomorrow is not guaranteed.


To help and to thank you for helping to positively impact my life, I’ve put together a Simple Gratitude Guide to keep you on track throughout the Holidays and beyond.


GratitudeGuide-yoursassyself.comGratitude is as simple as allowing yourself a few minutes each day to:
  • appreciate your daily luxuries – having food on your table, a roof over your head, clothes on your back, your health, friends, etc.
  • appreciate your talents, skills, personality traits, etc. that have brought you the daily luxuries and to this moment in time
  • show your appreciation for those who have positively impacted your life (could be as simple as sending a handwritten note/letter)
  • consider volunteering your time or a few dollars to others who don’t have daily luxuries to appreciate (could be as simple as baking and/or cooking a meal for a struggling friend or neighbor)
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My hope is that by taking time to do this on a regular basis, you’ll find the inner peace we all crave at one time or another.


But wait, that’s not all I wish or have for you. Thanks to all the wonderful and inspirational San Antonio Bloggers who’ve been doing good through out town and on their blogs, I’ve been able to take part in something special. My new friend and fellow blogger Christina, from Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget – is totally on the gratitude train and has extended her random acts of kindness/paying it forward Swag Bag Giveaway to you my friends.


What are you waiting for?  Enter below and show our host – Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget – some gratitude by checking out her blog, her post and checking out some of our fellow bloggers on the entry form to see what they’re up to.

Good Luck & Happy Holidays!!!

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How has living in gratitude changed your life?

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