Top 10 Hay House I Can Do It 2014 Tid Bits

HayHouseTidBits-yoursassyself.comIf you follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest), you know that I recently took a little vaca to California to enjoy some wonderful guiding words during Hay House’s I Can Do It 2014 conference in San Jose .  (If you don’t follow me yet, please start and let me know you’re there so I can follow you back too 😉 ) It was a great girl friends’ trip where we not only nourished our soul, but ended with a little wine and dine through Napa Valley and San Francisco, but more about that on a later post.  😉

We flew out of Texas with breakfast tacos in our bellies, ready to take on our travel day.  Who knew that upon arrival my EGO would rear it’s ugly head and keep us lost for about 2 hrs?  See, I don’t know about you, but I always Google the best way to get from the airport to the hotel via ground transportation (crazy, I know, but I feel like that’s the only way to get the true feel of any place I visit 😀  ) .  Sure enough, I found that San Jose had a train and a metro rail system and Google assured me once we got on, we would be dropped off only a few feet from the hotel.  Sold.  I told my friend that and she was in too.  Sure enough, we arrived, found our way to the San Jose station, I pulled up my Google instructions and soon had doubt whether we had to take the train or the metro rail.  Did I bother to ask the other patron waiting or did I ask anyone associated with the transportation system to make sure?  Nope, sure didn’t.  Then we were off on an adventure my poor friend took some time to forgive me for.  She’s been struggling with back pain and there she was following me from station to station, lugging her luggage behind her.  Once we found our way however, she did a mind shift and pretended that we had just arrived, which allowed her to forgive me and I was able to confess to her and myself that my EGO is what took us off track and sincerely apologized.  After our initial shenanigans, everything was back on track.  We got our grub on at the hotel restaurant and headed to bed to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for all the Hay House wonder to come.

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ICanDoIt2014-yoursassyself.comHay House I Can Do It 2014 definitely brought it!  As you know, if you’ve been following along, I am on a constant track to better myself and live in the moment.  Taking part of I Can Do It 2014 was wonderful, not only because of fabulous speakers like Dr. Wayne Dyer, but because it felt great to be in a room full of like minded individuals.  It was wonderful seeing how many people had a story to share and were doing everything in their power to find a way to share it.  I gained so much from the speakers, from my friend and from my own actions (cut to the whole transportation fiasco) that I knew I was having one of those, right place, right time experiences.

As I reflected on some of the fabulous gems shared by everyone there, I decided it would be nice to share with you my Top 10 Hay House – I Can Do It 2014 Tid Bits.  Here they are.  😀

What’s inspiring you today?

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