Ways to Transform Fear into Positivity

Dang fear, always getting in the way of life.  Earlier I shared how to reclaim your day based on Brendon Burchard’s – the Secrets to Motivation and Achievement from the Hay House World Summit.  Here’s an extension of what he shared regarding ways to transform fear into positivity, and boy is it powerful.

Ways to Transform Fear into Positivity - yoursassyself.comAccording to Burchard fear is masked pain, which generally shows up in three forms when we’re contemplating changeWhile complacency, staying in our comfort zone, and living in the status quo of the subconscious vs. the conscious mind can feel warm and fuzzy, that’s not where the magic of life happens.  It happens when we’re able to push past fear and move closer to our goals and dreams. Thankfully Burchard has come up with a great way to help us anticipate any fear that may show up as we go through this process.

On the other side of fear - yoursassyself.comBurchard believes fear shows itself in three steps – loss, hardship, and outcome. Whether you’re thinking of tackling a new job, a career change, weight loss, etc., Burchard believes that if we’re able to anticipate the fearful thoughts that may come up, we’ll be able to identify them as such, just thoughts, and push through anyway.  With that in mind, Burchard believes loss is the first feeling we’ll encounter, which can manifest in thoughts of fear at losing pay, benefits, etc. when contemplating a new job or a career change, and in fear of no longer being able to enjoy the foods we love, if we go on a weight loss diet.  Who can’t relate to these fears?  I know I can and I’ve definitely felt many of them.  Burchard says once we’re able to identify the possible feelings of loss that may pop up, we can counter act them by focusing on what we may gain instead.  Like better pay, benefits, work environment in the job/career change realm, and less aches and pains, loss of pounds and inches, great tasting replacement foods in our weight loss journey.

Be healthy Be happy - yoursassyself.comHowever, once we’ve switched our perspective to focus on gains, Burchard says hardship is the next hurdle.  This shows itself when we start to focus on why we can’t make the change, why we think it’s going to be too hard to change.  In the new job, career change realm it may be that we don’t want to go back to school, update a resume, go on interviews, etc.  In the weight loss journey it could be that we don’t want to do meal prep, we can’t make time for the gym, or don’t want to feel sore from a work out, etc.  Burchard believes that in hardship we anticipate change to be negative, however to be successful we need to find joy in the process.  A new job, career change could mean you’re reaching a life long dream, doing what you actually want to do.  In weight loss it could mean that you heal a chronic disease, you’re able to get into your favorite dress, you’re able to run after your kids.  It’s about changing the perspective toward the positive, to encourage success.

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Push Yourself - yoursassyself.comIn outcome, Burchard says we again tend to go negative with our What ifs.  With the new job, career change we can talk ourselves out of going through with it because what if we go through the whole process and end up with a worse boss, horrible co-workers, crappy pay, etc.  In weight loss, what if we don’t lose any weight, or worst yet, what if we stick to the diet, lose weight, but then gain it all back.

Yes the mind is an amazing thing, but as you can see, it can also hold us back if we let it.  Burchard says to overcome fear we have to rewire all these thought processes into one of positivity, gain, and joy.  That way when they come up, because they will always come up, we can see them for what they are, just thoughts, that we’re able to let pass through and replace with positivity, as we move toward the life we want.

Love the life you live Live the life you love - yoursassyself.comSo the key here people is to not only sit down and list or visualize what we want out of life, but to actually spend time anticipating the barriers and fears that will come up, and combating them with the joy and ease we’ll feel once we reach them.  See, pretty powerful stuff.  I told you.

What fears will you be tackling with the power of positivity?


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