Trendy, Affordable Fashion Finds at the San Antonio Apricot Lane Boutique

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post but Apricot Lane Boutique did gift a percentage toward my purchase.  However, all views and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

ApricotLaneSA-yoursassyself.comI don’t know about you, but I love checking out new places around town in which to dine and shop.   With the Holidays around the corner, I’ve been in search of a few cute dresses to carry me through all the Holiday parties.  Thanks to a San Antonio Bloggers night out at Apricot Lane Boutique last week, I am two dresses up on the Holiday Season.   😀

I wore the first of these two finds to a Pre-Thanksgiving Day feast this past weekend and received major props from my BF and several of the guests.  Most of the compliments went like this –  “I love that dress on you.  Where did you get it?”

C’mon ladies, you know that’s music to our ears.  That’s why we go in search of the perfect outfits and Apricot Lane has some great choices.  If that’s still not enough to get you out, read on for my top 3 reasons Apricot Lane should be added to your list of fav shopping stops.

  1. Affordable Clothing that Fits – At first glance I was a little skeptical about whether I’d be able to get into anything at the store (I’m very curvy), but I decided to give several things a try and surprise, surprise – most of my favs fit, which tends to not be the case when I shop at cute, trendy boutiques.  My next concern was how much the cuteness would cost, but again I was surprised that they weren’t going to  break the bank. Seriously, most of their price points are under the $50 mark (each of my purchases were).
  2. ApricotLaneCustomerSrvc-yoursassyself.comExcellent Customer Service – I know that we were there for a special event – San Antonio Bloggers night out, but I was impressed that both Lauren and Allison made the trip down from Dallas to welcome us into their San Antonio store, and that they were super personable and willing to answer any question we had for them.  They also had a couple of San Antonio employees on hand to help and boy did they.  They were running around answering our questions, getting us dressing rooms (which they personalize by getting our names and placing them on the door), and were super speedy at the check out counter to boot.
  3. Fashion for Any Age – Whether your shopping for yourself, your daughter or your fashionable mom, you’ll find something for everyone here.    Why, because Mom Cathy, Business Manager, Sisters – Lauren, Accessories Buyer and Allison, Apparel Buyer strive to return from their LA trip (every six weeks) with merchandise that reflects the style of all three age groups. But don’t think it’s all about the fashionable clothes, they also have a huge selection of jewelry, scarves, shoes and other accessories.
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So the next time you want to find that special something, consider visiting your local Apricot Lane Boutique.

So tell me, what’s your next fashion need?  


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