Vision Board to Live the Life You Want

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Many find it hard to understand how you can use a vision board to live the life you want. However, a vision board is so much more than a collage. It’s a visual, motivational tool used to help you conceptualize everything you need to make the life you want, a reality.

Vision Board to Live the Life You Want -

And the best part is that you don’t have to be creative, artistic, or anything else, but yourself, to create one. All you need is a quiet space (free of distractions), time for some personal reflection, and these few basic supplies, most of which you can get at Big Lots:

What You Need to Create a Vision Board

Vision Board Supplies -

How to Make a Vision Board

Step 1:

Before you get lost in cutting up magazines though, you’ll want to make sure that you have a plan.  And that starts with clearly identified goals, dreams, aspirations – in all areas of your life – health, relationships, personal growth, spirituality, education, career, finances, travel, etc. – with as much detail and positivity as possible.

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While no detail is too small when you’re trying to manifest your best life, adding negative undertones in your pics, affirmations, or anything else on your board can easily throw your flow. Remember – what you focus on expands – so instead of saying I don’t want to be struggling financially or with my weight, etc. this year, say wealth flows effortlessly into my life, without obstructions; I am grateful for the body I’ve been blessed with and all it does for me, etc.

Step 2:

Once you’ve flushed everything out with details and positivity, it’s time to start cutting out the images, quotes, etc. that speak to the beauty, motivation, inspiration, and positive energy needed to get your best life.

Scissors on Magazine Quotes -

And since what you want is at the core if this process, you should consider adding a photo of yourself in a prominent position (maybe front and center) and/or by super imposing yourself into all the images you add to your board. By adding yourself into the motivational sayings and images you want in your life, it can only add to the motivation needed to visualize and achieve your dreams.

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Step 3:

Once you feel you have what you need, gather your clippings and begin playing with their placement and that of any embellishments. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to do this. In fact, you may find that you need more than one board, each representing a goal or certain area of your life – and that’s ok.  It’s about doing whatever feels right to you at the moment.

Organizing Vision Board -

I personally believe in having a living vision board, that I update and change as goals are met, or as I get more clarity in what the life I want, really looks like. It’s because of this that I generally use cork boards and push pins to hold everything in place, while leaving room here and there for any additions.

Step 4:

Once you’ve decided the best arrangement for you, you’re ready to display your vision board somewhere that you’ll be able to see it daily to maintain your focus, motivation, and inspiration toward the life you want.

Vision Board Placement -

This is where the work begins and you’ll now need to actually spend time every day visualizing what you need to change within yourself, to reach every item (goal) you’ve laid out. Yes, I hate to break it to you, but the reason we haven’t reached what we want out of life is because we keep getting in our own way.  If you follow along, you know I try to get out of my way on the daily, and vision boards are a great visual reminder on why we need to keep pushing ourselves through all the changes needed.

Step 5:

Using motivational quotes through out, can help guide us through any pitfalls we may encounter as we work through each goal, because searching within can definitely stir up past hurts, fears and feelings of unworthiness, which can easily take us off track. That’s why it’s important to be gentle, patient, and kind with ourselves as we go through the process.

Be patient, kind, love yourself -

That’s also why I’ve decided to share some great motivational quotes to get you started – in English and Spanish – Check ’em out. 

Vision Board Motivational Printables -

Imprimibles Motivacionales Para tu Tablero de Vision - yoursassyself.comEven if things don’t change as quickly as you would like or in the way you would like, you have to be accepting of all that comes your way because everything happens for a reason. Our job is merely to observe, learn, grow, and live in gratitude for every opportunity that comes our way, as we continue to look within and let go of past hurts, fears and resentments, to reach the life we want.

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Yes, it’s definitely a process, but one that has the ultimate reward waiting for you – the life you want.  So I’d say it’s extremely well worth it all. 

How will you be using your vision board to live the life you want?

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  1. I LOVE this post! I am a huge fan of vision boards and have made several throughout my life. I actually just started one for the New Year because 2016 is going to be life changing for me. How do I know? I’m willing it to be. 🙂 I’ll definitely check out Big Lots for things to add to it. Love that store!

    • That’s the exact attitude needed Heather and I know you will have a life changing year. That’s my motto too and I’m going to do my bestest to stay out of my way to make it so! Thanks for the extra motivation! Here’s to our life changing years!!!

  2. I love vision boards! I have one that has many travel photos. Eight months after putting it up, I won a trip to Milan, Italy. Three weeks later I won a trip to New York City. Both sponsors gave me travel money – which was more than enough to cover taxes.

    • Um, after hearing your story, I totally need to create a travel board too! How awesome is that! Good for you Willow, it’s the power of positive thinking I tell ya – thanks for sharing!

  3. I used to have a vision board. That’s a sad sentence–I really should make another, so thank you for the inspiration! One thing I remember about vision boards when I was researching them was it might not be best to put photos of yourself on your vision board since the whole board is supposed to be your vision, or through your eyes. And you wouldn’t see yourself. Just something to consider–I thought it was an interesting concept!

    • Not sad at all Jenni, you’ll make it when you’re ready. I just wanted to provide a little inspiration and a few quotes to help when you’re ready 😀 As for not putting yourself in, I think that depends on the type of visionary you are. I personally need the extra push to see it to believe it, so superimposing myself in makes total sense. I know others prefer to add a pic of themselves in the middle, it just depends on you and what will keep you motivated. As I said, there is no right or wrong way to create your vision board, you just have to make sure that you don’t create it and put it away, but rather focus on it daily to make everything on it a reality. 😀 Good luck with yours when you’re ready 😉

  4. Loving you vision board!! I started making vision boards last year. I used to do one a month, but after a couple of months I sort of stopped doing it. I really want to do one for 2016. I really think they are great to stay on top of what you really want and reaching your goals. Greta post girl!

  5. I love how you’ve put this vision board together! Making my own board is one of my 2016 resolutions so thank you for the inspiration. Love all of the quotes you found too 🙂

  6. Thank you for your post!! It is really helpful! MY husband was understanding and after having a board, he allowed me to make a wish wall!! I have 1 wall in the dining room covered with dreams.

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