We All Grow Summit – Part Deux

We All Grow was a short conference, but man it packs a punch.  So far I’ve shared my field trip adventure and part one of the conference.  So I’ve got to share part deux. And part deux kicked off communing with nature.  First with a great Kundalini Yoga session with Cristy Marrero, Kundalini Yoga session with Cristy Marrero at WAG - yoursassyself.comfollowed by a seal sighting right after,

Seal sighting after yoga ? Nature at it’s finest! #wildseal #sealife #naturalhabitat #weallgrow

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and topped off with a fab breakfast in bed thanks to Aguacates Frescos, Saborea Uno Hoy®.

Then we were off and running again.  But I made sure to hit up the Aveeno suite to get my hands on a super yummy smoothie that was created to take care of our insides, with the same care as Aveeno takes on our outsides. Aveeno Suite and Smoothie from WAG - yoursassyself.comNext, after all that yumminess, I had to make sure my smile was on point.  So I headed to the Colgate Optic White suite to get my smile whiter and brighter, while adding some style thanks to some fab finds from Irma Martínez.

Colgate Optic White Suite at WAG - yoursassyself.comThen after hitting up a fab session by Laura Fuentes, I was able to sneak in a few last minute pampering sessions. Turbo Tax not only had a tax professional to answer any tax questions, but they also offered a fabulous massage to put us at ease after taking taxes.

TurboTax at WAG - yoursassyself.comAnd last but not least I had to find just the right scent to top all the fabulous pampering off. Enter these lovely Narciso Rodriguez fragrances with floral notes, hints of soft amber, and with musk at the heart of the scent.

Narciso Rodriguez parfums WAG - yoursassyself.comOnce I was set, it was time to squeeze in a little bit more knowledge into my day before it was time to fly home.  Unfortunately I had to be home that night, so I wasn’t able to stay for all the closing festivities, but I managed to squeeze in a lot in my last few hours at this fab conference and it was so worth it.

WAG 2016 Memories - yoursassyself.comTil next time We All Grow!

Based on all this fabulocity, do you think you’ll be attending the We All Grow Summit next year?


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  1. I would LOVE to but I can’t. Gotta take care of the little ones. You make it sound awesome! Maybe in the future I can go with you! 😉
    I’m totally serious!

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