Week 1 – Manifesting True Success (21-Day Meditation Experience™)

Yes! Oprah and Deepak Chopra are back with a new 21-Day Meditation Experience on Manifesting True Success.  And as usual, I signed myself right up. Who wouldn’t want to find out how to manifest true success.  This girl totes does and here are the pearls of wisdom I’ve gained from the experience so far. 

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And of course, it has not disappointed.  Day one kicked it off with a bang by saying – guess what? We all already have what we need to achieve success inside.  We don’t need to try to achieve it outside ourselves.  It comes from our creativity and from our ever evolving goals. And if you do it all with love, success is bound to come your way. I don’t know about you, but I totally believe this to be true in my life.  When I do things with love, without expecting anything in return, I see that good comes my way.

Success Natural Symptom of Love Quote - yoursassyself.comBeing present and living in the moment is the most powerful creative act you can do.  Trust me.  This is when you’re able to find a way to keep yourself from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, and free your mind to tap into your inner creativity. And not creativity in the artistic sense, but in the ability to let your mind quiet past and future fears by embracing the unknown.

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That includes quieting those negative body image issues many of us torture ourselves with.  If we truly want to manifest success, we need to do it with every part of our being and that includes one of our strongest allies, our bodies.  So instead of focusing on media’s standards of beauty and youth, we need to love and respect our bodies with the same love and respect we save for friends and family.  The best way to begin this process is to start creating a balanced body by nourishing ourselves with healthy foods, exercise, plenty of sleep and a stress free life.

This one is admittedly one I struggle with. Not with a negative body image issue, but with getting my outside to match the lightness and love that I feel inside. What I’ve learned in my getting fit, getting healthy journey is to just be patient and gentle with myself as I leave old habits behind and create new healthy habits and so far it’s been working well for me.  I feel myself becoming balanced in mind and body, which has made it that much easier to be self aware, live in the moment and open to the flow of creativity.

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Change is a great way to move the mind from automatic pilot (relying on habits & routine) to actually using it

to create new pathways and behaviors.  The best part is that our mind is adaptable and can renew itself at any time, healing and regenerating new brain cells. All the brain requires is the directive of the mind.  So give yourself the patience to wait for a new idea, understanding that fresh thinking replaces old habits, laying the foundation for success.

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As we begin to hone our mind, we need to consciously do the same with our emotions. Anger, depression, and anxiety can undermine our success, so we need to find a way to diminish our triggers and allow a state of calmness to guide us.  I know this may feel easier said than done, especially when you’re beginning this process, but emotion, in combination with reason, always let’s us know when we’re on the right track and when we’re not. No matter how hard we try, emotions are tied to every choice, so why not start from a balanced state to make the best choice, by checking in on how we feel about a situation, event or person and follow it through to find what is at the root of that feeling – especially if it’s a negative one.  As you dig deep you may feel some sense of discomfort, and that’s ok. Just take deep breaths, center yourself and follow them through. Emotional care is definitely an important part of self care.

Regardless of where you currently find yourself however, remember that you are perfect whole and complete just as you are right now. Not once you’ve mastered meditation, or when you’ve found inner peace or balance in your life.  Right now!

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For me, week one left me feeling confident in knowing I’m on the right path and helped me see how I can improve other areas so that all my paths lead to success. I know I shared a lot of information, but take it in, listen to the meditations if you get a chance, but above all commit to loving yourself as you transition toward more positivity and light.  :D

What great and wonderful things will you do to honor your body, mind and overall emotional self care?

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