Week 2 – Miraculous Relationships (21-Day Meditation Challenge™)

LetGo-yoursassyself.com.pngThe Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Challenge on Miraculous Relationships continues to impress.  After week two, here are a few of the wonderful centering thoughts and insights I’ve gained about love and relationships. 😀

  • I love and am loved unconditionally – This thought is about learning to love yourself, being fully present (living in the moment) and accepting of where you are in life (in love, at work, with your weight, etc. – basically it is what it is and unless you have a magic wand to change things in a second, don’t fight it, love yourself through it 😉 )
  • My loving truth shines for all to see – This thought is about deciding to see things as opportunities, rather than obstacles (the glass is half full, not half empty).  Once we stop seeing problems, we realize that we can stop searching for solutions, which frees us to share more love, compassion and joy with everyone in our lives.
  • I attract that which I am – This thought reminds us that we are already lovable, just as we are.  We don’t need to get a better job, have more money, lose weight, etc.  What we do need to do is let go of all the unloving thoughts we have about ourselves.  
  • I nurture my relationships with attention and appreciation – This thought shows us that if we focus on gratitude for all that comes our way, we can then truly live in the moment and let go of our past and any concerns we may have about our future.  This particular meditation also asks us to write a letter of gratitude to those who have had a profound impact in our lives to bring this awareness to life.  I love that! 🙂
  • I use my energy to heal and transform – This thought reminds us that as we walk through life, we wield a lot of power, which we have to be aware of and own.  Every time we walk into a room, our energy is communicated before we even say a word, so we have to choose how we show up and interact in this world.
  • I am present – This thought is all about the power of providing someone your undivided attention.  It encourages us to listen beyond the words to receive the full message being expressed (words, body language, energy).
  • I see through the eyes of my soul – This thought asks us make a conscious effort to see each other through the eyes of love, joy, compassion and harmony, rather than choosing to see each other through EGO or personality, where it’s easy to get caught up in a struggle for control/approval and a need to be right.


Week two has left me refreshed, but wondering why I find it easier to do this with perfect strangers and friends than I do with my immediate family and partner.  I discussed that with a close friend of mine and she too noticed that she has the same issue.  While, we haven’t deciphered that mystery for ourselves yet, we at least know that and continue to make conscious efforts to come from love when interacting with those closest to us.

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Again, I know this is a lot of information to digest, but sit quietly with each of these centering thoughts and listen to how they make you feel. If you’re at peace, in harmony, then try to see how long you can carry that with you and share with others.  😀

What negative self talk will you get rid of this week, knowing you are lovable just as you are?  Who will your first letter of gratitude go to? 

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    • You’re completely right Tony! Lots of information and possibilities waiting to lead us toward happiness …we just have to let go 😉

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