Week 3 – Manifesting True Success (21-Day Meditation Experience™)

And just like that, we’re at the end of the 21-Day Meditation Experience on Manifesting True Success.  If you missed week 1, you can find my recap here. And if you missed week 2, you can find my recap here. Below is how week 3 showed that like everything else in life, success starts and ends with us.

While yes, life can get hectic and down right unruly sometimes, we still need to find a way to make it successfully through our day because there’s nothing we can do to stop the flow of life. Rather we need to find a way to seamlessly flow with it.  To help, Deepak suggests that we focus on each situation as it comes up, make a decision using the S-M-A-R-T consciousness discussed last week, and have confidence that the decision based in consciousness has organizing power. What we don’t need to do is resist the flow of life or focus on the resistance of others. Instead we need to trust that our intuition will always lead us down the right path.

For Success Get Out Of Your Way - Steven Stromick quote - yoursassyself.com

By the same token, we need to synchronize our body & mind to work together, without letting our emotions affect our body or our body affect our emotions.  Yes, our body is naturally geared to respond to situations accordingly – i.e. activating the fight or flight response when danger is near; being cranky and irritable when we don’t get enough sleep; or eating everything in site when we’ve skipped meals.  The key is to not allow anything to throw you off balance, off your routine and that of your body’s natural biorythms.

Buddha quote - yoursassyself.comSo as life continues to move you out of your comfort zone, don’t allow it to stress you.   Don’t allow

a change in plans from what you hoped for to feel as a disappointment or failure.

Realize that everything happens for a reason and that something bigger is always at work. Once you surrender to the fact that unpredictable events are not random events because they serve a purpose, you trust and welcome it, thus allowing yourself to see how you’re being redirected to your bigger purpose.

Accept The Life Waiting - Joseph Campbell quote - yoursassyself.com

All we have to do is trust ourselves and as Joseph Campbell’s quote states so well – “…let go of the life we had planned…to accept the life that is waiting for us.”

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Open Avenues to Success - Quote - yoursassyself.com

This means we have to let go.  We have to let go of judgment, fear and trying to control how everything turns out.  Our job is to learn to observe, be mindful in the moment, be patient for things to unfold, and trust that all will be well because all is well

Trust Your Instinct - Billy Wilder quote - yoursassyself.com

Without trust, we fall into a cycle of being right and making others wrong, of trying to control people, things and circumstances around us which creates resistance and static thinking. Based on what we learned from last week this is not where we want to be. Instead we want to be dynamic in our thinking, which means we accept people for who they are, without criticism or judgment. Most importantly we need to give ourselves the same freedom and stop making ourselves wrong by judging ourselves.  Perfectionism and comparing ourselves to others is not where it’s at. We’re all different, unique and that’s ok.  That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.

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The only success that is meaningful is your success. You play a unique role in the universe that no one else can play. Your spiritual path is also unique, and that is why your success will be different from anyone else’s.

Finding your uniqueness is not about feeling better than others or holding yourself apart. Uniqueness is knowing your inner truth and your intrinsic worth. It is knowing your real self, and when you do, it will guide you to your true success.

So stop trying to be someone you’re not.  Instead allow your strenghts to flourish and accept vulnerability with love & kindness.  Celebrate yourself and others and allow that connection to lead you toward success.

Be Who You Are - Ashly Lorenzana quote - yoursassyself.com

So stop waiting for everything to be in place before you can start to take on your goals and dreams.  Like waiting for a gym membership or the Holidays to be over before you can begin to take care of your body; or waiting to find a new job because you know you’re boss will finally see your hard work after this next project is done.  That’s all based on your old limited beliefs and self imposed boundaries.

Successful living needs your awareness to be creative, expansive, and receptive to all possibilities, just like creation itself.

Unless you allow yourself to expand from within, with an attitude of success, you’ll never be magnet for success or fully see how the universe conspires to make things happen.

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Refuse To Be Captive - Mark Cain Quote - yoursassyself.com

So friends, I encourage you to let go, break free of your self imposed boundaries and limitations and say yes to the attitude of success we’ve been gifted these last three weeks through the 21-Day Meditation Experience on Manifesting True Success.

What is the first boundary/limitation that you will be letting go of?

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