Weekend Wrap-up

It’s amazing how jammed packed our weekends get as we get older, but they do.  This past weekend was no exception, which is why a weekend wrap-up was in order. 😉  My weekend started off with my friend Melanie’s “Getting Wiggy with it” Birthday party.  Unfortunately I was the one stick in the mud of the group that showed up without a wig.  What can I say, a friend had promised to let me borrow her wig, but when the night came, the wig didn’t 🙁  So I tried to make the best of it by weaving in some silver sparkly strands into my hair, but as you can tell from the pics, it wasn’t enough in comparison to the rest of the group, but we had fun none the less.

Me and the birthday girl – Melanie
Having a blast getting Wiggy with it 🙂

The following night my friend and I hit up my friend’s poker party.  As always we had a blast.  They are the ones that showed me how to play Texas Hold’em and it’s always a good time.

I was up for  a big part of the night, but once the blinds started being 500/1000, I knew my time was numbered and it was.

My chip count early on in the evening…I was on empty by 10:30pm

I left and there were still about 5 players at the table holding out to see who would win the trophy this time around.

We headed out to my other friends birthday party, which was being held at an outdoor venue.  We arrived to find these amazing cake balls waiting for us.

Chocolate and Lemon cake balls – delicious!

We celebrated with the birthday girl for an hour before the wind picked up and we knew a storm was a brewing.  We said our goodbyes to the Birthday girl and took some cake balls to go and headed out to find a dry, indoor spot to close our night.

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We decided to go to a venue close to our house, so we ended up at Hooligans.  As we were walking in and paying our cover, the manager happened to walk by and offered to buy us our first round….things just kept looking up.  As we settled in to check out the band, my friend realized that the band playing that evening was none other than her favorite, alternative cover band – Drive.  They killed it and we had a blast singing and dancing the night away.

Another great weekend, with great friends!

What fun things are keeping your weekends busy?  Do you have any fun ideas of what to do on those not so busy weekends?

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