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I don’t know about you but the Holidays in my house are totally centered around food and it kept coming.  From my jalapeño poppers to my decadent fruit salad to some tasty Holiday treats.  What can I say?  Food is a big part of my life.  To that end, I know that restricting food will never get me to my weight loss/weight maintenance goals.  Instead I have started looking at the best way to combine food (protein, carbs, fats) for metabolic good.  😀

It is because of this that I’ve started to look for what that combination looks like and have relied on the following top 10 protein/carb/fat mix to fit the bill.


Unfortunately for me my pantry still has several things not covered in my recent research, but I can’t just throw them away.  Since childhood I’ve always been brought up to believe throwing away food is a huge no no.  So, what I’m doing is making sure I only incorporate those items sparingly into my diet and share them with my BF (boyfriend) and guests as the occasion pops up.  😉

2012-EWGPesticideGuide-yoursassyself.comThe other thing I’m doing is trying to incorporate more real food into my diet and begin to weed out and find replacements for processed foods.  So, as I make trips to the grocery store to replenish and replace my pantry and fridge I am relying on my dirty dozen list and the eat clean grocery list to serve as guides on what to bring home and what to leave on the shelf.  😀


Thankfully my BF is on board  Although he doesn’t have a weight loss need, he does want to make healthy a part of his 2014 goals, which I welcome with open arms.  Healthy hasn’t been in his vocabulary in the past, so I hope it’ll be a win/win for us both.   🙂

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What healthy habits are you making in 2014?


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