Weight Loss Wednesday – Down 2 More lbs and Holding

Weight Loss Wednesday - yoursassyself.comWell, it’s been a month since I decided to try being a Flexitarian and despite it not being the best month for me personally, it did exactly what I needed.  It helped me get out of my weight loss rut and I’ve been able to loose a couple of pounds and keep them off. That’s the thing about intuitive eating, you don’t necessarily loose weight quickly, but I find that I’m able to keep the weight off and continue to loose weight slowly, but surely. 😉   

wpid-Attract-yoursassyself.com_.pngIf you read my DIY post earlier this week, you know that I’ve been bleeding money.  First replacing my AC unit and soon after replacing my refrigerator.  If that wasn’t enough, despite all my efforts to work on getting to know my true self and letting go of my EGO, my BF (boyfriend) and I still couldn’t find a way to make it work and we decided to part ways this past weekend.  All of this would normally have sent me straight to greasy, fatty foods and sweets for comfort, but not this time.  Although I have indulged in few comfort meals, I have turned to meditation and friends to process it all and so far, I think I’m ok.

As I mentioned in my last Weight Loss Wednesday post, I am not a strict Flexitarian, but I am trying to use my intuitive eating skills at every meal/thought of food.  Doing so and having the tools I’ve learned so far about living and loving in the moment have totally changed my perspective on food and life.  While I’m not completely at the point where I see food as strictly fuel, I am no longer constantly thinking about it and obsessing over what I should and should not eat and it is so freeing.  Now my mind has time to focus on keeping me in the moment, observing life as it is versus how it should be and it feels AMAZING! 😉

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What are your weight loss challenges/successes this week?


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