Weight Loss Wednesday – Adventures in Clean Eating

AdventuresinCleanEating-yoursassyself.comEating clean, along with intuitive eating, is definitely something that has helped me on my weight loss/weight maintenance journey.  I will say however, that I sometimes struggle when I hit the grocery store because processed foods are every where and I get caught up in getting a clear distinction between natural vs. organic food.  It is because of this that I’m always searching for ways to make my grocery trips and meal choices easier.  Enter the Eating Clean Diet.

The reason I like the Eating Clean Diet website is because its Tools & Support – Resources section is jammed packed with helpful tidbits like this grocery list.

EatCleanDiet_GroceryList-yoursassyself.comThe simple one-pager makes it easy for me to see what items I should buy and helps to easily ignore those that I shouldn’t.   😉

The resources section also offers a printable Food Tracker for those who would like a simpler way to track your clean eating habits, which as you may notice has nothing to do with caloric intake.  It’s all based on making the right food combinations, which I think is a great way to continue to move away from the diet mentality.   😆


Need more?  The Community section offers up The Kitchen Table, which holds a wide array of recipes, menus, etc. which community members have shared.  Totally cool if you ask me.  😎

The Resources page even has this handy dandy chart to help me when I’m having a sugar love affair, instead of focusing my time and energy on having a love affair with life and in my relationships.  And I know what you’re thinking, how can a chart help?  It can be just the little distraction I need to allow awareness back in to truly check in with myself to see if the craving is just an old habit (thought) that creeped into my head, which I’ve found is what happens about 95% of the time.   😀

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Overall, not a bad find in my book.  Hope you find some useful tips as well.

What does eating clean look like for you?  


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