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YSSWorkOutTrain-yoursassyself.comI must confess, these last couple of weeks I had lost all desire to workout.  No excuses, it just became hard for me to get motivated enough to go to a gym I wasn’t excited to go to after work.  Not a great twist in my weight loss journey. 😛

See, since the beginning of summer I had to switch over to a new gym because my old gym was no longer partially sponsored by my health plan.  At first, I didn’t mind the switch because this new gym had a location close to my house and offered new exercise classes and instructors.   Unfortunately, at the beginning of August, the location closest to my house was closed and the other nearest gym didn’t offer the same, exciting classes the previous location did.  Thus began my workout ban, which added to my weight loss slow down. 🙁

workout-yoursassyself.comI love working out, but in order to go into a gym to do it, I need to be motivated by instructors and ever changing workout routines.  I feel that changing up your workout also helps your body change more easily than doing the same repetitive motions, which is a definite must on my weight loss journey.  This new gym unfortunately, has very limited classes available for me to take when I get off work, so I’ve had to change from attending classes 4-5 times a week to only going 2-3 times a week max.  Again, not very motivating, but instead of focusing on the negatives of that this week, I have merged those limited workout opportunities with my new found desk workout routine and my daily 30 minute walks.

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I know it’s only mid week, but I am sooooo sore.  I hate that muscles get so weak so quickly, but such is life.  This new found soreness however is making me feel like I’m working out a storm, which is a great feeling.  I know that’s hard to imagine if working out isn’t your thing, but as is generally the case when I workout, I feel de-stressed, which has led to being able to quite my mind a little bit more and make better intuitive eating choices,  which can only lead to some positive results in my weight loss journey, right? 😉


Because exercise is so important to my weight loss journey and my overall mental and physical well being, I’ve made the choice to switch gyms at the end of the month.  Although the membership fee will no longer be subsidized by my health plan, I’ve decided that the savings aren’t larger than my need for this change.   I have researched the new facility I’m looking to join and am excited to see that it offers a lot of cool classes which I’ve heard a lot about, but have never done.  We’ll see how long these new instructors and classes will keep my attention.  😉

Do you feel the need to move/workout a few times a week?  What are your favorite ways to move/workout?

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