Weight Loss Wednesday – Cravings are Just Thoughts

CravingsRJustThoughts-yoursassyself.comIn my never ending search to improve myself and the world around me, I’ve been listening to several talks from the Hay House World Summit 2013.  My sister from another mister was so impressed with it this year that she purchased the talks on CD (over 140 of them) and we meet at least once bi-weekly to exchange CDs.  This week I was stuck by Ali Campbell’s talk on How to Make Big Changes Fast – where he said “You’re only one thought away from feeling better.  You are not your thoughts, you don’t have to react to them.”

Why did this strike me so?  Because while I have been able to understand this and use it in talking myself off the ledge when it came to my past romantic relationship, I have struggled in being able to talk myself out of emotional eating once the door has swung open on it.  If however, I can find a way to unleash myself from believing my thoughts and reacting to them, then I think I would find that my weight loss goals would be met and weight management would be easy peasy. 😀

GirlThinkingofFoodMy connection to his talk and my weight loss journey is based on his principle which he highlights as this – The problem with food/cravings (anything really) is that it all starts with a thought, which then creates a feeling (needing the food), which creates an action (we go get the food we’re craving), which creates an outcome (we eat the food we’re craving).  All of this is done from just a thought and not based on the physical cues of hunger as outlined by intuitive eating, but rather based on trying to fulfill an emotional hunger.  He believes that when you can break the habit between thought and feeling, you will no longer succumb to cravings.

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Per Ali:

  • the key to eliminate much of our calorie intake without a feeling of going without is to stop all food talk at the thought level.
  • the key to living a happy life in general is to stop believing your thoughts, they’re not even you, they sound like you, but they’re not you.
  • Most people do what they feel like doing; successful people do what they want to do.

All things that make me go hmmmm.

Are you an emotional eater? Do you think that in this fast paced world you can bring in your awareness enough to stop all the food talk at the thought level vs. trying to rely on your “will power” to keep you from opening the fridge/pantry or driving through the drive thru?

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  1. It’s nice to see there’s other people talking about this and going through the same.
    I have to admit, in the last 6 months I’ve been a victim of emotional….everything really. But this huge setback has allowed me to grow as a person and be able to pin-point my psychological weaknesses and to take control of myself faster than before.

    We’re both on a journey and I send you the best wishes.

    If this works: feeling accountable sometimes work for me so I’ve joined a dietbet here and there.

    Take care, Rocio! Un abrazo.


    • Thanks Ana, what I’ve learned is that this is a journey…what worked one day may not work the next, but it always tends to bring me closer to getting to know myself and my triggers…something dieting never did. 😉

      Buena suerte to us both!!

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